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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Dying Immortal

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The Dying Immortal Empty The Dying Immortal

Post by D9 on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:25 pm

Immortal: Jackson heals moderately per post due to his physiology. His healing is rewarded by the majority of what he does. Passive healing abilities have their effects doubled (besides this one). Non-Passive healing has an additional moderate healing buff. Lastly, he gains damage resistance equal to the amount of healing he receives from non-passive healing.
Base Ability Cool Down: Passive

Tier One
Assimilation: As long as Jackson remains contact with a living thing, he will sap the life out of it slightly per post. If it's another character, this simply becomes a slight Drain effect.
Call of the Immortals: Jackson may summon synthesis items he or his party owns at any time within 10 meters of himself.
Undying Flight: Jackson may use element space to flow through space relative to his speed and agility.
Food for Core: On hit, Jackson may sap 10 MP per tier. This amount stays in his pool until used or the topic ends, whichever comes first.
Party Healing: Jackson's Base Ability spreads to his allies.

Tier Two
Bloody Healing: Every instance of damage trigger's the base abilities healing effect.
Devour: Assimilation allows an additional moderate Drain effect. It also counts per second instead of per post of contact.
Burning Core: D9's Immortal now heals an additional moderate amount and now gives a slight damage resistance buff per post as well.
Healing Aegis: D9's Immortal now exudes an aura of 20 meters per tier that heals his allies and damages his enemies for the amount it normally heals D9.

Tier Three

No Ailment: D9 is immune to negative status effects.
Megalix: D9 triggers a pulsing heal for himself and his allies, granting six posts worth of his base ability's healing plus an additional major amount. | 6 Posts CD
Heal Theft: Those within his Healing Aegis aura that have passive or active healing effects have one of two things happen. If they are designated as an ally, their heal is shared with D9. If they are an enemy, they have their heals stolen by.

Tier Four

Grand Immortal: D9's base ability heals him an additional extreme amount and now heal effects are applied to those affected by the Immortal three times.
Wary Immortal: Healing effects D9 receives or is given by him or his party cannot be affected negatively and he cannot be punished for utilizing them. If someone has a passive ability that reverses healing, the healing effect will function as normal and the punish will be directed at the user.

Tier Five

Never Dead: When entering a KO'd state, one of two things happen. If not slain within 3 posts, D9's body will warp randomly to a different world. If slain within those three posts, he will release a massive, concussive blast that covers a 200 meter area that will deal extraordinary amounts of damage continually for 3 posts. All of his passive healing effects will be applied as damage rather than healing and this blast will deal torrential damage to the environment. This is a Once-Per-Topic skill and if he teleports to another world, it will be on an automatic 10 post CD in his next topic.

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The Dying Immortal Empty Re: The Dying Immortal

Post by D9 on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:10 am


MP(50) | GP(1)
STR 1(1) | END 1(1) | MAG 1(1) | SPE 1(1) | SYN 1(1) | AGI 1(1)

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