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Chancelor Vahn

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Chancelor Vahn

Post by D9 on Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:33 pm

Name: Chancelor "Chance" Vahn
Age: 34
Species: Pureblood Heartless

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Electricity
4.) Water

Personality: An opportunist with a very shaky sense of loyalty. He remains loyal to D8 and D9 because of the benefits they bring, and it has been rooted deeply to where he won't betray them. But his loyalty was born from his opportunistic nature, not because he seeks friendship. He is kind of an asshole, very rude to people and often ready to insult or belittle them. With D8, he is too afraid to insult her and with D9 he enters pot-shot battles as the two banter back and forth. He is also very cold and sometimes considered sociopathic for his inability to feel any compassion for another and their issues if they aren't a positively relevant being to him. Chance cares for his allies, but subconsciously it isn't as peachy as it seems.


History: Chance was originally conceived from the loins of two black market inventors. They frequented the SOL and LUNA stations, dipping their fingers in anything that could lead them to their next biggest invention. As Chance grew up, they had done well in raising him to be a strong, articulate being that didn't pick dumb battles. They made sure he had the skills to survive and live among the people they brought him around. However, it was quite frequently firefights happened as his parents had become thieves in his adolescence. They stayed well protected until they stepped out of their boundaries of protection due to how helpful they were. In fact, little to Chance's current knowledge his parents worked with the menace Weiss in creating one of his most awful creatures. The ship-consuming monsters that terrorize the SOL stations.

Chance eventually was kidnapped and forced into labor by one of the larger group of bandits his parents meddled with. While he upgraded their equipment, he had used what he had learned to rig everything to go haywire and to explode. Using the chaos as a way to escape the bandit ship, Chance was subdued by one of the captain's main hands. The man severed Chance's legs and shot out his shoulders. His parents had been tracking him during his time on the bandit ship, eventually breaching and saving their child before escaping and watching the ship crumble. Operating on him immediately, they used their medical drones to keep him sustained long enough to take him to Weiss. At Weiss' base of operations, he had summon a rather strange weapon, casting darkness upon their child while separating the heart and the vessel.

Keeping the vessel contained within a special chamber, Chance had been transformed into a heartless by Weiss' strange powers. This allowed the mostly synthetic Seeker operate without limitation on Chance. A few times he had killed Chance in his heartless form, but the boy was immortal, disallowing a final end. Chance had grown to become the more opportunistic version of himself, being trained and given a synthetic body to possess. A robotic knock-off of the Dataloid physiology that was only compatible with a mechanical, inorganic body. Magic had brought it to life, as well as the darkness that was Chance. Due to Weiss helping him out, he had hired in his parents for full-time work and had recruited him as a agent to assist in the capture of D10.

Chance had agreed to help him, eventually coming into contact with D8 and D9 as their reputation grew. Joining them, he would team up with the Dataloids to hunt the Isoloid known as Ezekiel or D10. All he knew was it was a very strange, snow-haired boy. Chance was a puppet of Weiss, but he was an ally to D8 and D9. A friend. Even after Weiss' help, Chance knew that the time would come where one alliance would end and the other would strengthen. It all came down to where and when.

Other Notes: (Is there anything else worth mentioning about your character?)

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Re: Chancelor Vahn

Post by Faye on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:10 pm


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