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Kill the Nobleman NCQ [Closed]

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Kill the Nobleman NCQ [Closed]

Post by D9 on Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:18 pm

"Reaver, Immortal coming in. Hawk on the prey?" Posting up against a massive tree that rooted itself on a rather jagged cliff within the forest, Jackson kept himself relaxed while puffing on half of a cigarette. The smoke curled up his face due to the wind pushing against him. His jet black hair had trails in various spots of smoke that faded after some time before the next puff. He watched for the convoy to pass by him, expecting his partner in crime to spot the target before him. "Hear you loud and clear, Immortal. Target is en route to their soiree. Am I clear to head to the location?" Jackson sighed, he didn't like putting Delilah in this kind of situation. She had to dress herself as a geisha of sorts, which required a specially designed costume by Chancelor. Chance was busy infiltrating the house the noble was supposed to be partying at. He was protected by a unit of guards hired by the noble's family, which made it a bit tricky. Jackson's crew were hired for their precision.

These parties certainly angered someone, which gave Jackson another reason to let loose. "Yeah, Vahn's already there. I'll handle sneaking onto the carriage. Which reminds me." Hearing the distant sound of rattling wheels, Jackson prepared himself for one of his trickiest tricks ever. He was so ready, that he stripped completely naked Wait, no, shit. WE LEFT THAT SHIT BEHIND IN- That was a test. I was making sure you were paying attention, bitch. Oh god, he's back. Jackson didn't really strip naked, but he did place a hand on one of his katana, peaking from around the tree looking around and seeing the shadows within the forest moving closer. When the sound grew closer, he rolled off the cliff, unsheathing and slashing downward to slice the head off of the carriage driver. In one smooth movement, he threw his sword into the carriage. One moment, a women screamed and the next Jackson blind-shot into the carriage, shaking his head. "Damn, they always scream." I know, right? It's not like the writer can just say they shrugged and noped out the carriage. "You could though...."

The two guards riding the horses in front turned, unsheathing their swords. Jackson, casually leaning on the carriage had put an arm behind his head before firing his gun off and shooting both of them in the chest. They fell, getting trampled by their own horses, the carriage and the horses behind. They weren't dead immediately, not until the massive horses had crushed their bones. Mercenaries working for Jackson's crew had already replaced the guards behind and a pair mounted the horses in front. All four of the mercenaries were disguised, which prompted Jackson to let a mercenaries take the reins while he removes the bodies from the carriage. He then put on a nice ass suite because his writer is nice enough to that for him. Yeah, something good for once! What he didn't know was that Delilah pranked him by loading the clip with only blanks after the bullets he had. Fuck you. That's what you get. No, give me my bullets back. Fine, you need them anyways so we can actually get stronger. As the disguised convoy closed in on the target, Jackson had already prepared his karambit duo and pistol for concealment, stashing his katana.

Once he reached the hidden mansion, Jackson awaited his guard to present him. The place was clearly heavily guarded, and he was ordered to make a very loud and very high-profile assassination. Exiting the carriage, Jackson nodded towards the entrance guards as they greeted him and allowed him in after he presented his invitation. They looked at the crest on the carriage, scratching their heads before shrugging. Women zoomed along the house, presenting drinks and food which were blindly consumed. Chance had already hired a cook who specialized in poisons, so those working with Jackson knew not to consume any of the beverages or food. Puffing on his cigarette, his arm disguised with false skin. Looking left and right, he looked at all of the nobles who attended. They were high on opium and downing poison to knock 'em on their asses. But it wouldn't take affect immediately. Oh, how foolish they were with their hidden parties and illegal activities. Jackson would have cleared the room if Delilah didn't explicitly tell him that the only person dying in that building would be the guards of their target and the target itself. That's when he saw shackled children being used as entertainment.

Furling his brow, his disgust was quite evident as he quickened his pace. Eventually he came upon the center of the part, where their target was located. He noticed Delilah in her distinctive disguise comforting the obese target, looking at the guards eyeing him. "Mr. Chen....I believe we have something of importance to discuss." "Another time...whoever you are," "I'm going to ask one more time." The front two guards stepped forward, putting a hand out to press Jackson away, brandishing their own pistols. "And we urge you to leave immdiately." Looking at the guard who spoke to him, Jackson let one of his karambit slip out of his sleeve, spinning it while twisting his body. He hooked it onto the guard's arm, moving his other arm over the guard's shoulder and folding it towards himself. The other karambit, in this motion, revealed itself and he swiped his arm.

In the same motion, Jackson jerked himself around the guard, ripping his karambit from the guard's arm and tossing it into the heads of the two other guards. Drawing a pistol from his vest with a suppressor, he shot the remaining guard down and aiming down, before the crowd noticed the swift execution, looked furiously at the target. "Delilah, dear, do me a favor and hold this pig down." Delilah, looking erotically into Mr. Chen's eyes, changed her seductive expression into a much more ferocious one, ripping her disguise off to reveal her robotic appearance. Putting the man in a headlock, Delilah presented him to the barrel of D9's pistol. "Mr. Chen, I do believe this is where business ends for you. And where it begins for myself." Removing the suppressor, D9 shot straight through the middle of the space between Chen's eyes. Replacing the suppressor, he concealed his pistol and retrieved his karambit, making a quick escape with Delilah. Delilah stopped him, looking towards the children. "We have to set them free." Jackson nodded, and the two went around and removed the shackles off the children so that they all could escape as everyone began falling unconscious.

Making their escape, Jackson received word from Chancelor. "Hey, did the mission go alright? My contact says the whole party loved the treats," Jackson smirked, taking one of the horses while Delilah took her own as well. "It went well enough, bastard just presented himself to me. Nobles piss me off, Vahn." Delilah pouted, wanting to be the one to kill the guy. "Well, it would've been fine if someone didn't take all the glory for himself!" Jackson flinched when he heard Delilah's passive aggressive voice. "Hey, job's done. That's what matters. Now let's go get our pay." Delilah just glared at Jackson, who knew she was glaring so he ignored it and just tried riding faster than her. Get away. Get away. Get away. "Stop Jackson." "Okay..." Then he just went the same pace as Delilah. Back at the party, the five guards had been sprawled out, their blood pooling along with the fat nobleman having a hole clear through his head. The people were asleep, but once they awoke, they all screamed in terror at the blood which had crawled along the wood, touching some of the sleeping victims. The staff had been cleared out, and most of their valuables had been stolen.

D8 and D9 just rode off into the sunset. What a happy ending, right?

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