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Ara's Legacy

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Ara's Legacy

Post by Meara on Sun May 01, 2016 10:37 pm

Name: Meara || Nickname: Mara
Age: 16
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
|| Darkness||
|| Space ||
|| Thunder ||
|| Water ||

Deadly and emotionless.

Mara, from the moment he was born, would never be able to possibly walk that path. He's an incredibly emotional and optimistic boy who acts constantly on his emotions and wears his heart on his sleeve. To his friends, Mara is usually a hassle and doesn't go by the book. It's sometimes hard to predict his next action, however he feels the persistent need to help others. Usually taking quests at the drop of a hat, he is naive and, unfortunately, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Due to a running gag amongst the adults who partook in raising him he is a firm believer that infants come from the ocean.

A boy whose around the height of 6'0, his body would show signs of being quite toned if it weren't for that fact that it's typically hidden underneath a couple layer of clothing. With black pants that are frayed and have taped to his left thigh is a small pouch filled with throwing knives. Mara now sports the hoodie that his father wore, and around his neck lies a blue scarf similar to his father's orange colored scarf.

After The Black Plague, Schwartz was given the ability to be able to have a child, it wasn't long before she quickly went to work. Later on during that same year Meara was finally born. Quickly, he was given nickname of Mar or Mara among the adults within his life. Mara has always had a carefree life when younger, as most parents strive to give their toddlers and infants. The boy didn't want for anything, however at the same time he wasn't spoiled... or at least they tried their hardest not to spoil him.

Though even at early ages, the boy was showing signs of developing powers. Most importantly, at an early age, it was shown out of his family litter that he was chosen to carry on the legacy. In other words, having the power within the family. After a very long and strongly worded talk between the alpha and the beta (otherwise known as Veara and Schwartz), it was decided that Schwartz would begin to train him. When she began the training of her son, she initially was very easy on the boy for obvious reasons, making it similar to that of playtime. Soon he was trained by friends of the family with other talents and eventually, when he grew older, he was able to receive training on other matters. Unfortunately, the boy never received the most important type of training. This was simply common sense, and more importantly, the "talk". When he ended up leaving a year early to go adventuring while his parents were distracted, Mara began his adventures. The boy has been through a couple of them since he left home three years ago, however, he recently completed his possibly greatest one thus far. Winning the Darkson Cup. Being able to beat their champion who had gone undefeated since Mara was young had amazed many. Now with his travel partners, Mara continues to travel the worlds, naive yet ready to pursue adventure or a quest at the drop of a hat.

Other Notes:
Mara bears the eyes of his mother, that have been pitch black since his birth.

Mara, though young, has already mastered his elements, however he has only done this mentally. When he tries to apply it there is always something blocking him,  as if there is a mental block on his abilities.

Mara, when young, was imprinted on by Su Lime. Mara can understand absolutely every word she says to him.

Mara has two travel partners.

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Re: Ara's Legacy

Post by Faye on Mon May 02, 2016 1:00 am


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