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Its easy being Greene

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Its easy being Greene

Post by Meara on Sun May 01, 2016 10:46 pm

Name: Alyssa Greene
Age: 16
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
|| Light ||
|| Space ||
|| Fire ||
|| Thunder ||

With a tongue that is far quicker then her wit, Alyssa can be quite the brash one. Though this is only presented to those who aren't  close to her, or aren't immediate family. She does have another side to her, and it's very different then her other one. Sweet, yet naive. Careful, yet incredibly loyal. Specifically the one whom she considers her boss. There are two sides to Alyssa and one of them are not so easily met and more seen while hidden.


The child of possibly the oddest couple imaginable that came from these past twenty years. Alyssa Greene is the daughter of Jessica Greene and Skye. Her life so far has been quite fond. More importantly, both her parents have ended up spoiling her a lot when she was young, so she was a brat for some time up until the point she met her best friends and travel partners. Unfortunately for her mother, she picked up a tick from her father, Skye. Referring to her one friend consistently as 'Mar-Sama' ever since they were young.

Just like her partners, her mother was the one who initially took hold of her training. The girl was taught of her mother's own natural type of power, that being the power known as Radiance, while her father had taught her the art of archery more for pleasure rather then combat. Though she ended up becoming rather infatuated with the art she never really picked up the ability of being able to create her own bow and arrow.

Around earlier ages, she left with her friends to began exploring the worlds and going on quests. The most recent adventure that she chose to sit out on was the Darkson cup, never have been a fan of tournaments or the air they had of them. Alyssa watched the tournament from the stands. The girl has been on quite a happy high ever since 'Mar-sama' defeated the best of what the Darkson's had to offer. Though it's unknown why she exactly feels this way towards them, it's obvious to anyone who's looking that she isn't exactly a fan of the Darkson family.

Other Notes:
Alyssa stands at a height of 5'7 and she usually enjoys the occasional challenge.

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Re: Its easy being Greene

Post by Faye on Mon May 02, 2016 1:22 am


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