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Xander Dracovain

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Xander Dracovain

Post by Faye on Mon May 02, 2016 3:03 am

Name: Xander Dracovain
Age: 28
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Wind
3.) Ice
4.) Space

Personality: A quiet type, Xander finds comfort lingering in the background and watching others, though his most preferred place is standing at his queen’s side. Like an imposing statue, the dragon knight keeps his lance close by, ready to impale anyone without hesitation that would dare bring harm to his mistress. Of course, there are times when Faye desires privacy, and as a good servant, he complies with her wishes… most of the time. When it comes to her safety, if she makes a decision he does not agree with, he will speak up to voice his thoughts on the matter or challenge those he believes would put his queen in danger. Some would say that Xander is too devoted to the sorceress, that perhaps his feelings overstep loyalty and transcend into something deeper. However, he fervently denies such accusations with a flustered face. In those rare moments that he does find himself alone, Xander trains others in the ways of the dragoon.

Appearance: Beneath his helm, Xander has violet-blue eyes. He keeps his light blonde hair long and sometimes pulls it back into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. He's a tall man, standing at about 6'8 with a slim but toned body. Most of his armor is dark in color and he wears a helm that covers most of his face. His casual attire includes a navy tunic under a black dragon scaled jerkin, trousers, and knee high boots. He almost always has his jagged blade lance with him, carrying it on his back.

History: House Dracovain was one of the great houses that helped established the original kingdom of the Enchanted Dominion when the world of light had first split into many. They were well known for their heroic fights with dangerous creatures, and dragons most of all. Inspired by their scaled prey, the Dracovains devised unique strategies and techniques with their lances, manipulating the wind and throwing their entire weight into an attack. This strange aerial combat style became an icon of the house.

Unfortunately, the Dracovains fell from grace when they were accused of establishing a rebellion against the king in an age long past. The fifth great house was torn asunder with all its members publicly executed. Only a few managed to escape to the outreaches of the land where they continued to live in hiding. The Dracovains were erased from history for their so called betrayal and thus many of the Enchanted Dominion have gone their entire lives without ever knowing it was once a noble house.

The Dracovains survived, merging with the common folk, becoming a peasant name. With the loss of documentation, the true reputation of the once great house was lost to time. Still, the blood of the noble monster hunters lived on. Some parts of the family still retained some loose ties to their inherited abilities. Xander was one of these descendants and was taught by his father the ways of the dragoon from a young age as was custom, though the family had come to believe they were nothing but fancy parlor tricks and not real combat skills. Xander enjoyed these sessions, and perfected the “tricks” he learned, showing them off whenever he could.

When the Heartless came, the war between the nobles soon followed and one after the other, Xander’s small home was met with tragedy. The eight year old soon found himself alone. In the orphanage, he kept to himself, too distraught to interact with anyone after the horrific loss of his parents. There was one thing that brought a light to all the children every few days once the Heartless threat began to diminish. One of these people was Faye. When she was not advising the four great houses and working with the Darksons to restore their world, she came to those that had always viewed her magic with awe and not fear—children. Xander was mesmerized by the woman’s magical tricks and it was the only time he felt that he could smile. Each time she visited, Faye would try to interact with the child and eventually he did open up to her. When he was left out by the other children, Faye was his playmate and his favorite game was playing a knight. In his eyes, the sorceress was a princess and each time he vowed to protect her in their games, he became more and more committed to the idea. Of course, Faye only took it as a childish promise and nothing serious.

Eventually, Faye’s visits lessened when she took the throne, but nor did they stop altogether. Xander was determined to keep his promise, and joined the army when he came of age. During this time, he worked on his dragoon techniques, reinventing the tricks into something new and deadly. The young man climbed his way through the military ranks, and was seen as the best of the best among his comrades. His achievements eventually paid off after several years, and his superior officer approached him with the offer to become the queen's personal guardian. Faye took thea notion as an insult at first, stating that she was more than capable of protecting herself. Xander removed his helm and she was surprised, recognizing his violet-blue eyes as the boy from the orphanage. Sighing at her general, who had highly suggested the arrangement, the sorceress conceded, and accepted Xander as her retainer, secretly happy about this play of fate. With a small smile on his face, he bowed, honored to serve his queen and would do so for as long as he lived, just as he promised all those years ago.    

Other Notes:

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Re: Xander Dracovain

Post by Eno Vale on Mon May 02, 2016 5:55 pm



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