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Dirge, the Sentry

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Dirge, the Sentry Empty Dirge, the Sentry

Post by Dirge on Tue May 03, 2016 2:13 pm

Name: Dirge
Age: 45
Species: Somebody/Dragonborn (DnD)

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Earth
3.) Fire
4.) Wind

Personality: Dirge, despite the affliction which has stricken his body, is a relatively positive and cheery person. He enjoys making others happy and is an honorable individual, who believes strongly in having a chivalrous attitude. The man, despite how serious he can be most of the time, does love his fair share of jokes and has quite the social life whenever the situation permits itself. Outside of general good times, he acts as a sentry for the Enchanted Dominion and serves as its guardian, a duty which he performs with pride.
Dirge, the Sentry Dirge_10

History: A man who had once participated in the wars which plagued the Enchanted Dominion years before the current time. He fought with a sense of justice and whether or not it was for the greater good still alludes him. Regardless, during the war he met with some would call an unfortunate fate.

Before the fairies had migrated back to the Fairy Glades, a wicked fairy witch by the name of, Mina, had stricken the knight with a curse. She morphed the entirety of his body into that of what ancient times knew as, Dragonborn. Dragonborn were creatures that inherited the strength, magical affinity, and instincts of a dragon in ancient times. Humanoid creatures that spoke both human and dragon tongue, which allowed them to communicate with both social groups.

Some would consider that a blessing but this was not one such thing. Mina twisted body and warped his mind, giving him the tendencies and lunacy of a monster. While a sliver of his former self remained in him, the instinct to burn and bring destruction remained prevalent. Though, the real purpose of this was to have him far too insane to truly realize his full power and eventually be hunted down by the warriors of the Dominion, but something changed. Rather than be killed by an unknown warrior and his sorceress partner, the dragon-turned man was heavily wounded and fled off to the more uncharted areas of the world. When he finally found some form of shelter, he passed out for an extended amount of time.

He should have died, but didn't. Rather, that prolonged sleep of his had brought him into a comatose state. There, his life practically flashed before his eyes and he slowly relived each and every moment up until his cursed life. When that happened, those orbs shot open and he realized the folly of his “justice.” The man killed in the name of greed and had turned a blind-eye to the obvious corruption his own kingdom spewed. The curse was befitting the crimes he committed and he made peace with that, as well as resigned himself to whatever fate the gods had for him. Then, his eyes opened.

How long had he been asleep? The groggy dragon had no idea what had transpired during his sleep but his wounds had healed nicely. Aroused from slumber, he found that the cave he sought refuge in had since been blockaded from probably years or so of natural wear. Either that or somebody found a dragon sleeping in a cave and collapsed it themselves, hoping to suffocate and/or starve him. Dirge found that as child's play and easily tore through the rock and debris. His mind had reshaped and constructed itself back to his past sanity. He remembered everything and so, set out for the Enchanted Dominion once more. When he arrived, the greatest sight had made itself before him.

The four leaders, along with another, the sorceress from his past, stood against an onslaught of Heartless. They were in trouble, yes, considering a larger one presented itself, but Dirge sent his aid. He swooped it and razed the creatures of darkness with his breath made of pure lava. His claws raked their bodies and his strong arms lifted them into the air. This combined effort from the kings, woman, and dragon helped push the Heartless away and yet, they feared Dirge. All except for one. Her name was Faye and her memory served to have recognized him from her past. She halted the kings and spoke to Dirge in front of them. When he revealed who he was, his own leader practically cried from the sight of the one he deemed his most faithful knight, was stricken with such a terrible curse. The sorceress offered to cure him, but he declined.

A curse granted to him for a specific reason? He vowed to wear it as a way to atone for all the sins he had committed. With their consent, the dragon known as, Dirge, watches over the perimeter of the Enchanted Dominion. When the sky is blotted by grand wings and a black-scaled creature, all opposition will know that the land has its guardian.

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Dirge, the Sentry Empty Re: Dirge, the Sentry

Post by Faye on Tue May 03, 2016 3:35 pm


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