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Darkness through the years

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Darkness through the years

Post by Lenneth on Tue May 03, 2016 8:52 pm

It was claim average day, one of many that crossed the limits of time within the plane of shadows. The light from the pale sphere of sliver never dimming with the hours just ticking away, the cool brash of the wind that tickled the nearby ocean’s waves just a few meters down the right from a massive field of plants that grew in a meadow. The air was a unique blend of scents from the area, one of the lilies and botanical beauty that stretch for hours on land while the cold depths of the watery abyss just lay so close by ever calling out into the worlds to lure victims home, Ahhh it was indeed a sight to behold for anyone especially those that could call this place their home. On occasion the human or other supernatural being took up residence here before succumbing the allure of becoming one with the darkness but it true inhabitants, the heartless never faltered. The endless waves of pure and fake born booming from across every corner of the universe still could call this space family, many differed from each other but the most cherished were those that had discovered themselves.

One such now, Lenneth stood in the land for something to occur, between the fields of flowers and sea did the LaVaeas of darkness question the reason of his being while waiting for its answer to finally reply back. As always that man was the pinnacle of his art and representation of the sin of Lust, embowered with the body of a Greek god crafted from the finest marble as every muscle defined itself in every possible fiber of strength of tone while amassing all over his frame of darkness while his face broke every boundary and physical law and just could be known as beautifully. His scantily dressed attire could barely constant much of his proud vanity, its lack of black silk fabric didn't help either.

His spent so much time at home now a days, it felt like a never ending existence as the darkness never wavered expect in the rotating phases of the moon. While thinking on it and feeling it through the clouds Lenny could almost figure it out that years have passed with him there in the realm of darkness, focusing on his people and strengthening himself. Thelennx has also been training himself in varying visit to the realm of nothingness with his nobody brothers before coming home, they needed some form of company then.

Twenty years have passed since Lenny has started his work as this realm's ruler, favored child and protector among the many nameless shadows. The heartless here have grown much stronger much more so then their relatives that take home in the realm of light and they were much more content living closer to the darkness. The human farm Lenny saturated along the black seas has taken root and grown into a great civilization where they fully live out the rest of their lives being dying of old age and surrendering their lives to the heartless. What they didn't know was that their great island was in an altered time zone, spending years at a time for each passing real time minutes. In exchange for a full life and their lives Lenneth proved the island with bountifully food, weather, protection and many other desires to fit their short lives with as he could harvest thousands of hearts a day.

The massive gemstone Lenneth started to craft with magical essences of a slay being of great darkness was starting to bare its fruit as well though it proved to be a difficult task of construct a magical object to match its light world counter part. It was near its full power providing the realm additional protections but it was not quite there yet. The realm itself has also regained much of its beauty and original form outside the battle torn scars of its past from those pesky villains. Its taken Lenny a while to restore the landscapes left behind by the keys.

Now what was the La Vaeas going to do today. Despite how much work his tried to drown himself in his thoughts kept returning to that of that light and how trouble seemed to be stirring among his fellow kin there. With his sister Ophelia appearing to be well his concerns for their well being have diminished. But as of late according to this uneasy feeling the king could not shake, he wasn't sure why but among the heartless there felt to be something agonizing them enough to reach across realms. It may be time that he went to see how the neighbors were doing.

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