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Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai

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Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai Empty Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai

Post by Luke Z. on Wed May 11, 2016 10:40 pm

Name: Luke Zhu-Yu
Age: 18
Species: Somebody/Human

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Lightning
4.) Wind

Personality: Luke is a laid-back, cool individual, who enjoys conversation. He'd much rather talk and gain a new perspective, than to fight against other people. There's a general disdain of Heartless that he shows more physically, in the form of his sword, but who can necessarily blame him? Luke wishes for a time in which all Heartless are either obliterated completely, or driven back to the darkness and stay there. Needless to say, he has an extreme prejudice against them and doesn't have a problem with vocalizing it. Even when faced with the idea that it's in their nature to kill and devour hearts, he doesn't see that as an acceptable excuse to let them live.

Appearance: Luke is around 5'9” and has a lanky appearance when he wears his casual clothing. Underneath them, he's a fit young man and due to his samurai training has the muscular tone to his body. He has fair skin, short black-hair and lazy/tired looking eyes.

Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai Luke_210

History: Born and raised in the Land of Dragons, Luke Zhu-Yu served beneath the royal family alongside his own. His father was a regent and believed heavily in both warrior and familial pride. Luke wasn't too big on being what he described as being “uptight,” and followed a more Zen Buddhist style of living. This meant he had a more mindful and meditative position on life and preferred to to follow his own intuitions, whether than the dogma or passionate beliefs of his family's tradition.

Though he was taught Chinese martial arts under his father and alongside his two brothers, the young man had remembered a very prolific figure in his life. One who came from a foreign land and had a more unique way of fighting, even though certain principles mirrored his homeland's. This figure who hailed from the mysterious land taught him the way of “bushido,” or the path of the samurai. Samurai was a word introduced to him and as new as, the values taught from it resonated well with Luke.

The figure had told him that there would be no exchange of their names and that it would be better if they kept it that way. Luke as usual, was much too casual to really care and agreed on the promise. This person was nearly as relaxed as he was, but there was a way in which they spoke, that told of the experiences they went through in life. Much like Luke's father, the figure was stern when it came to their own teachings and beliefs. Despite that, the figure wasn't too much of a stickler besides the fact. The two trained quite often and had fun doing it, but due to this Luke's father had grew jealous of their relationship.

Luke eventually came to an argument with his father, to which the latter had attempted to remedy, by attacking Luke's master. There was a fight which eventually ensued and the two masters of combat were obviously neck and neck. However, there was a change within Luke's father, a darkness which had enveloped and corrupted the man from within. When this happened, his father had lost all reason and honor, he tried to viciously attack Luke's master. He had to step into the fray and help with the fight, only to be nearly struck down himself. His master stepped into the way and received a grievous wound in the process. However, this interception allowed them to strike down his father. This was a victory that nobody could necessarily be happy about, nor was it really a victory.

The father had rose from where he had fallen, seemingly good as knew. Darkness had devoured the man who once raised him and turned him to a beast. A heartless. There wasn't much any of them could do. The master was far too wounded to effectively do anything to help, so he did the next best thing. He sacrificed himself for his pupil and allowed Luke to escape. A large explosion was heard from where the young man stood after his escape and his eyes watered in horror. It didn't have to end that way.

Fast forward some years later and Luke learned of what it was that happened to his father. The creature that man became was a Heartless. A being with no form of consciousness other than to kill and feast on the hearts of the living. Apparently from what he learned, the reason why his father became one, was mostly in part to his own growing darkness. It didn't take that long to figure out that Luke's father wasn't an honest man, not by a long shot. His family's rise in influence and power wasn't because of their dedication to the royal family, no, it was gained through dishonest and shameful means. Shocked by the revelation, Luke renounced all ties with his family and traded in his first for the last name of his mentor. After that, there was no doubt that he left offworld and went to go find a solution to the Heartless threat.

The person he gained information on the creatures from allowed him to travel with them. “X” was her name and she signed the young man up to join her group, the Crows. These were a neutral force within the universe that kept mostly to themselves and only really aided those who fought against the taint of dark. Luke fit in well with the group and for the last couple of years, had gathered the information on the recent happenings of the worlds...
Luke Z.
Luke Z.

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Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai Empty Re: Luke Zhu-Yu, Modern Day Samurai

Post by Faye on Thu May 12, 2016 6:15 am


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