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Post by Edis Rehtona on Fri May 13, 2016 4:28 pm

Edis Rehtona Tumblr_o5uomsCxk91sm3ba3o1_1280

Name: Edis Rehtona
Age: 23
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Dark
2.) Moon
3.) Plant
4.) Fire

Edis has been described by many in many different ways, using many different phrases. He has many layers, and reveals different aspects of his personality to different people depending on the situation. No one has yet met the full and complete Edis, but one of the most common things said to describe him is his intellect. Every action, every word spoken by Edis conveys across his intelligence, whether it be using a word he knows very few people will know the meaning of, or whether he just states random things that he feels are worth knowing. This extends towards his combat style, as he never attacks without first consulting all the consequences that could follow from his actions. He will not directly engage an opponent without knowing that he will win, but he is not one for fighting honourably. Edis is very cunning, he will use any and all opportunities presented to him to his own advantage, and do anything and everything in his power to win. This is also shown through general meetings, he is always punctual, always prepared to give a speech if necessary, and always dressed for the occasion, whether it be combat or dinner. Edis knows this world, and he has seen things that have broadened his horizons and helped him become as intelligent as he is today. He is not naive, rather he knows exactly how this world works. Despite what people may say, it is the strong who get to pass on the messages to the next generation. Death comes to all, and the only way to halt its progress is to be strong enough to defeat any foe, and overcome all obstacles, which Edis strives to do.

Despite his intelligence and cunning self, Edis loves an adventure. Whether it be exploring a new world, discovering a new way of life, even death, all these things excite him more than anything else in this world. From this, he is always actively seeking a new adventure, which always causes him to get side tracked when trying to fulfil a specific purpose. When he sees something he views as interesting, he will abandon his post or whatever he is doing and follow it, in the hopes that it will lead to something new and exciting. This, although being very different to what many would expect of him, allows Edis to expand his intelligence, as with each new venture he discovers something new, either about the world or himself, his knowledge of the world grows each time he adds a new experience to his life. However, this adds with it a sense of recklessness that Edis has no control over. His curiosity could show him a clear trap or dangerous way to progress, and he would gladly charge forward to spring the trap if it made his life exciting. While in combat he may be cool and calculating, his reasons for initiating combat may not always be such.

Following on from this, there is a side of Edis very few people ever see. In fact, he is yet to show it to anyone, which explains why so many people view him as a cool and calculated man. In actual fact, Edis is a very loud individual when he feels he doesn't need to keep up a facade and show his true self. He enjoys the most childish of things, regardless of what they are, from chocolates to watching movies to seeing other people compete at things, while being very competitive himself, not allowing anyone to win against him, but outside of combat he won't always resort to using every opportunity at his disposal. He knows where the line of what is and is not appropriate lies, and he keeps to the right side when he doesn't need to tread over. His boisterous and childlike nature make him a large fan and player of one thing: drinking games. Edis enjoys competition and games more than the average person as he is naturally, but when those games involve alcohol and the prospect of a lot of people ending up drunk, he can never refuse. He can also hold his drink remarkably well, usually resulting in him being the victor in these games. However, he is yet to play one as he hasn't met anyone he can connect with to that degree.

Utilitarianism is the understanding that the best course of action is the one that results in the more utility, or use, and overall happiness for the majority. For example, if a village must be slaughtered to prevent a war, Edis will let the rivers run red in their blood. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and so it is illogical to allow a minority to live if it results in more people dying. However, the only exceptions to this rule is either if Edis himself is in the minority, in which instance he will protect himself above all else; or if there is an outcome in which all needs are met and no one has to die. He will never actively seek out a way to keep people alive, but if one presents itself, he will grasp it. Death is a simple concept to Edis, in that he has a singular belief regarding death. He has heard there is an afterlife of sorts, and even that it is possible to escape and come back to life, but he believes there is nothing when you die, blackness for eternity, it is one of the main reasons he does not wish to die, he wants to avoid experiencing whatever death is like as much as possible, but if someone tries to stop him from achieving his goal, he will send them there without a second thought.

His utilitarian views have helped him advanced as a person of principle, he has to be to live with the controversial views that he spends every day following. Because of this, many have stated, and Edis would agree with them, that he is a very decisive person. When he makes a decision, he will not change his mind, no matter the consequences, unless they cause more harm than good. He is a man of unwavering resolve and his heart is strong, his will like iron. He will stand by his beliefs and argue with anyone who tries to treat them as dust or anything of the like, even willing to fight over his beliefs against any who try to fight him. He will never lose an argument when his principles are on the line, simply because of the kind of man he is. He does not care if people do not support, agree or even follow his beliefs, but they are his, and he will not let anyone try to change him. He is set in his ways, making him a very stubborn man in that regard. This is also coupled with the fact that Edis has a very short temper when the subject of his beliefs, or his past, are brought up. He is very proud, both of who he is and of what he can do, but can be easily provoked if any try to mock him. It would be one of the few times that he would not plan an attack, but rather let instinct take over as he destroys his opponent in the most painful way he can. He will openly use every advantage available to him as he normally would in combat, but he will take everything to the extreme, instead of being cunning and planning his actions, and their consequences.

One question has often crossed the minds of many who have met Edis, and spent long enough with him to see what he can do. Despite the many sides to his personality, even his pride and cunning natures, he is hardly the kind of person that would qualify for being dark of heart. He has a strong will, and will try to make the most people happy he can, without bloodshed if possible, and yet he uses the darkness in his heart to fight, having the power to summon heartless and fight using the darkness in his heart, while many would think he would be a heart attuned to the light. This side of Edis stems directly from his past, and the sadness and darkness that he suffered during his younger years. He does have the ability to summon the heartless, but in many occasions he has been known to summon heartless to battle against him rather than with him. Heartless are beings that, despite their power and numbers, greatly disgust Edis. He will use them in combat to fight and win, but then he will destroy them, not for any light purpose of goodness or any such reason, but rather simply because he wishes to see them perish. Nobodies are still a new discovery for Edis, he has not met very many of them and so hasn't yet discovered if they are better, worse, or just as bad as the heartless. It is one of the few things he wishes to uncover during his travels and adventures, one of the many mysteries he has thus far not solved.

For all that he is a very memorable person to meet and experience, Edis is actually rather bland looking, with very little about him that one would consider strange or different. At least, that's in terms of his facial structure and hair. He is a tall, roughly 5' 11" tall, and weighing around 70kg, a healthy strong weight for someone of his size, with short black hair that comes in one of two styles. The first is an unkempt style in which his hair falls over his forehead, and behind his ears towards his neck, which is the style normally seen by the general populace. Occasionally though, he will be seen with a different hairstyle in which his hair is parted at either side, revealing his forehead. This style is usually reserved for when attending public important events, or meeting high ranking nobles in a world, otherwise very few people will see it. Concerning his eyes, Edis has very blue eyes, almost like a calm ocean during a summer's day, but they can instantly turn cold if desired, and it is this cold stare that is normally seen which, when coupled with his pointed chin, makes him appear very intimidating to those who do not know him. The last thing usually seen around his face is an accessory. Without fail, unless he is in the middle of a battle, Edis will always been seen with a cigarette in his mouth. He smokes because he enjoys it, that it the only reason he needs. It helps calm him down when in a rage, but it is not the primary reason for him having the habit.

With regards to his clothes, Edis likes to always be as prepared as he can be for any situation, whether he knows about it in advance or if it is sprang upon him. Because of this, he has taken to dressing smartly every time he leaves his home and venture into the outside world, and so he had special clothing made for him by a master tailor. His white shirts never crease, and so never need to be ironed or pressed, and they never reveal any sweat, no matter the weather or intensity of Edis' actions. His black waistcoat and suit trousers follow the same rules, with the added extra of never fading in colour, allowing for him to exit a battle and enter a function without revealing that he was ever at either. His clothes are obviously not indestructable and can still rip and tear like any other item, they are just always kept looking good, and in no way impede the movements of their wearer. His shoes are also black suit shoes, but with added grip to allow him to be ready for combat, or to run as fast as he can, at any moment. Very rarely, Edis will bring out an old military style uniform and don that, but only in the event that he will not need to fight and if he is attending a very public and important event in which he will be seen a lot. Otherwise he will wear his tucked in shirt, waistcoat, trousers and shoes with varying assortments around his neck in the form of a cravat or a simple tie, depending on the situation. In short, Edis' overall appearance and lack of facial expressions allows him to come acorss as a deathly calm man, with a very proper demeanor, which both impresses and cautions people.

Prologue : Overture

If Edis had the chance to pick one thing about his birth and childhood that he wanted to change in any way, he wouldn't be able to think of an answer. His birth was smooth, with no issues apart from the normal ones. Edis was a healthy child of good weight and a 'great set of lungs' as his mother was told. He cried every night when he was a baby, not out of any other reason than because he could. He lacked any conscious thought during that period of his life, and so didn't know why he was crying, or eating or sleeping. In fact, he didn't really even know that he was doing them, so the concept of reason was far beyond him at that stage in his life. He grew up as a healthy boy with his loving mother and father, an only child to a rather wealthy family in Twilight Town, in a very luxurious house full of maids and butlers who helped Edis live, from dressing him in the finest of clothing made only by the best of tailors, to teaching him the finest methods of eating, and letting him try the strangest and tastiest cuisine from all around the worlds. From what he could understand by his mother's explanation, his father was the head of a large gummi ship courier business, making him one of the wealthiest men in Twilight Town, a wealth which he shared with his family, spoiling them as much as possible with the best gifts and most relaxing holidays, occasionally even heading to other worlds on business to relax as a family when Edis' father was not busy with work. His mother and father both were incredible people, not only extremely rich, but they possessed a richness of being: they taught Edis the way to eat properly, dress properly and exist, but they also loved him and taught him how to love everyone, from the maids and butlers in the house, to the kings and queens of other worlds. Everyone was viewed as an equal in their eyes, and they could do no wrong, both in the eyes of their servants, the eyes of the people of Twilight Town, and the eyes of their son, who returned their overwhelming love for life with his own equally grand emotions. It was a good childhood, there was nothing he could ever complain about, except that it was a lonely life. Other than his mother and father, it seemed like no one would talk to him or consider him to be anything more than a master or the 'child of that family', and so it was very difficult for Edis to make friends as a child.

And that was precisely where Mikael fit into it. Mikael was one of the only other children that worked in the house with the other servants, doing simple tasks like bringing food and escorting visitors, and he was very good at it. However, the only reason he worked there to begin with was because of his mother, one of the maids that also worked in the house, preparing and serving food as well as other tasks like helping dress Edis himself. From what Edis had been able to uncover from eavesdropping on conversations he didn't belong in was that Mikael was not wanted as a child. His mother had done something stupid when she was only a teenager, and from that Mikael was born. He had been a surprise, with no father that the mother ever spoke of, an accident if you will, but since having Mikael his mother's life had turned around. She cared for him with her very being, and would sacrifice anything for her son. Edis could hear her thanking his own parents almost every day, as they had helped both Mikael and his mother find refuge, a home, and jobs to earn some money for themselves, while still treating them as people. A 'debt that could never be repaid' were the words often used by the mother.

Having someone roughly the same age as himself, Mikael being a few months older, Edis instantly took a shine to the boy, as he was the only person who ever actually spoke to him. All the other servants, and even people around Twilight Town, only viewed him as his parents' son, with no one wanting to, or too scared to, get to know the boy Edis. Mikael was different though, he didn't care for things like status, maybe because at the time he was too young to, and with his mother working to help dress Edis every morning he was surrounded by the boy's presence. This was why they became friends. Finally, Edis had found another boy with which he could have fun and have a few adventures with without the worry of them both getting into trouble, which was more an inevitability than a concern. They often played games that would involve the leaving the house, or at least hiding away from their duties, giving both of their parents' reasons to worry about them. Once they hid so well and for so long that Edis' father put out a search around the entirety of Twilight Town looking for them, when they were only hiding under Edis' own bed, out of sight. They got into trouble all the time, but they never stopped. Causing trouble and playing, those were the good years of Edis' life. The happy years.

Act I : A Vistor

It was during one such adventure that Edis lost everything that made his life happy. Up until now, he had been the lightest hearted of boys, the kindest, the most generous, everything, but there had to have been something in his life that started him on the path to darkness, and it was that day, playing hide and seek with Mikael, that started it all. They had played it a million times, and each time they had ventured further into the world to cause mischief, a simple game of hide and seek in which both Edis and Mikael would hide from their families and see how long it would take those families to find them, if they ever could. Usually they didn't, usually they looked for ages but the boys got bored and went home, either for food or because it was getting dark out, but today, they had promised, would be different. Today they would be hiding for the entire day if they had to, until someone came and found them. They ran around the house, avoiding all their duties both for Edis, which involved attending fancy meals with his parents and other of similar wealth, and for Mikael, which involved preparing Edis for that meal. They had known each other for a few years now, but in the house, in that world, it had felt like a lifetime, especially for two young boys. Edis was now 11 years of age, which his 12th birthday on the horizon, whereas Mikael had already turned 12, and had become the older brother Edis had always asked for. He was strong, caring, and he took charge of any situation that proved too much for his younger brother. Edis could rely on Mikael for anything, and he felt safe whenever his brother was near, like Mikael was his own guardian angel, and would never let any harm come to him. Together, they were invincible, nothing and nobody could stop them.

Every time they had played hide and seek, they had started in the house and then, if they still hadn't been noticed, would leave and explore Twilight Town, and today was no different in that regard. However, they decided not to just wander aimlessly around the town and hope no one spotted them. Today they decided to have a bit more fun than normal. They had heard of a really nice place not far from the town called Sunset Hill, a place where you could easily find shelter under a grand tree, and spend the entire day watching the trains go by as you see the most beautiful sunset imaginable. That was their endgame destination, their goal for the day: to reach Sunset Hill. And it was truly going to be an adventure, as neither of them had ever actually taken a train without their parents there to help them. They knew most of what to do for buying a ticket and getting on the train, but they were both still a bit unsure, which in turn made them more excited to learn something new about the world. The entered the train station, walked up to the ticket machine and bought two children tickets for Sunset Terrace, the first destination of the next train that would then lead them to Sunset Hill. It was all really exciting as the boys both waited in a seat for the train to arrive, but that was the moment when Edis noticed something very peculiar.

There was someone else standing a way off in the distance, in a dark corner of the train station, what looked like a man but with very strange features. He looked round and Edis saw his eyes: red like blood, with his ashen white hair too. He was like something out of a story book, and if there was one thing Edis loved it was stories. Mikael followed his brother's gaze to the strange man, who then proceeded to walk out of the train station, and back into Twilight Town. Without consulting his brother or even questioning his own motives, Edis began to follow him, with Mikael trailing behind, understanding why Edis was so interested, but still wary of this new stranger that had just appeared in the town. The followed him until he reached what looked like the entrance to the sewers, and it was there that he snapped his fingers, making sure no one else was around before a black portal appeared in front of him. With a malicious grin on his face that the two boys could not see, the man entered the portal and disappeared from sight, something that terrified Mikael, while leaving Edis in awe. They both walked up to the portal and gazed at it, looking at every feature of the almost alive looking door. Mikael looked very apprehensive, that strong, fearless brother of Edis' reduced to the child that he really was. This was Edis' time to be the strong and fearless one. He reassured his brother that everything would be okay, and ignored Mikael's wishes to turn around and go back home. It took some convincing, but his brother eventually conceded, and they both walked through the portal, eager to see whatever there was on the other side.

Act II : Consequence

They were only in the portal for a few seconds before they arrived at their destination, the portal closing behind them and trapping them in this strange new world, a world where there was no life present. In fact, there was nothing in this world, a direct contrast to the world from where they had both come from. Twilight Town was a bustling town full of vibrancy and life, but this? This felt like a graveyard, but instead of stones and graves there were blades. So many blades of such different designs, as if in memorial to a great battle that had once been waged on this world. Edis had been full of excitement and joy when he had forced his older brother to accompany him in this new world, but now things were different. The moment he entered this new barren land, he regretted coming here. He could see it in Mikael's eyes, they both knew they shouldn't be there, and both wanted to go home, but their portal had closed. And there was only one person who could open them, standing directly in front of them both, turning round to look at them with his blood red eyes and malicious grin. It was in that moment that two things occurred to Edis. The first was the man's face, the eyes, the hair, that grin, they were permanently etched into the young boy's memory, it would become a sight that he would never close his eyes without seeing. He would see it in his dreams, relive this moment every time he closed his eyes, wishing he could change things but knowing it was futile. The face would never leave him, like an overhanging ghost, from a guardian angel to a horrific shell. The second thing that happened was the man opened his mouth to speak, his words like stab wounds with every word and his voice as smooth as his perfect face.

"Heh, would you look at that. Never actually thought you'd both be stupid enough to follow me, funny how things work out though. I've been needing something to ease my boredom, and you'll both do nicely. I look forward to adding you both to my collection"

Every word spelled dread for the two boys, and once the man was finished he waved his hand and summoned a strange black creature from the shadows, with golden eyes that looked so innocent it was almost ominous. Mikael tried to speak out, tried to show courage in the face of the man, but his words fell short, and the fear was obvious, resulting in the man only replying with a laugh before summoning another one of those black portals and travelling through it, leaving both Edis and Mikael to deal with the thing that he had summoned. Edis' voiced failed him as he tried to ask his older brother what to do, but the answer was obvious. They both had to make it to the portal, and run through it, escaping this nightmare. Mikael looked at Edis then, and in his eyes were a fear that neither of the boys had ever seen in anyone before, it was the fear of imminent death, a fast approaching inevitability. The eldest brother looked at his younger sibling, but despite the fear he smiled, and told Edis to go wait by the portal while Mikael took care of this thing, whatever it is. The poor, 11-year-old Edis believed his older brother and ran for the portal as Mikael stayed and drew the attention of the creature. The thing lunged for Edis first, its claw like hands scratching the him before Mikael attacked it to get it to focus on him, allowing a hurt and crying Edis to limp weakly to the portal, as he waited on his older brother.

Edis then waited and watched. Watched as his entire life was changed in an instant. Watched as he gained a new purpose in life. Watched as the black creature attacked Mikael, tearing into him with its razor sharp claws before forcing itself on top of him, putting him on the ground as it slashed and teared and ripped. The last thing Edis ever saw of his brother was his bloodied face, dead eyes, and that fear, that terror of death present in every inch of his being, as his life force left him. But he didn't just die and lay there, he changed. His body was swallowed up by the shadows of the dark creature, and in the place of the once lively and caring Mikael was a different man. His face was the face of Mikael's, but his hair was chalk white as opposed to Edis' older brother's warm blond, and his eyes lacked the kind and loving blue colour that Edis had come to know and love, they were golden, like two beams of light escaping where his eyes should have been. Backing away as both creatures focussed their sights on Edis, the young boy tripped and fell into the portal, becoming swallowed by the shadows himself.

He spent much longer in there than he had previously. The journey to the barren world had only taken a few seconds, but now it felt like an eternity as the shadows consumed him. He tried to focus on where he wanted to go, tried to focus on Twilight Town, but all that happened was the darkness became a part of him. The moment he accepted that he was now part of the darkness, he escaped the shadows and found himself outside the front door of his house, a few days after he had left. His parents stood there before him, along with the mother of Mikael, tears in her eyes as she fell to the ground, realising what Edis' face was telling them, and answering any questions she could possibly have regarding her son. Edis entered his home, walked up to his room, and locked the door. His parents never asked him about the day from then on, and Mikael's mother never again spoke to him. She killed herself at the loss of her son, hoping to join him, thinking he was dead and she could be with him. Edis had been told that she had just left her position to grieve for the loss of her son, but a note arrived at Edis' room written in blood, detailing exactly where she was and why she was there. She blamed Edis for everything, and cursed his name, wishing him a fate worse than death: to live with the knowledge that he now had two deaths on his shoulders. One of his brother's, and now Mikael's mother.

Act III : Journey

The next ten years of Edis' life were spent in the family library, or in another world. He lived to study death, to understand what had happened to his friend and why he had not just died. He learned a great many things during this time. He discovered what the black creature was: A Heartless, and what had happened to Mikael. He had been too strong to simply die like anyone else. Instead, his heart was taken and he was split in two. A Heartless, the golden eyed white haired Mikael was the Heartless side of him, but also a Nobody, a strange creature that not many people knew much about, except that they were born from the death of a strong willed creature, who also became a Heartless. Edis cared very little for the Nobody at this time, he just wanted to learn how to defeat a Heartless, and so he trained his body and mind to become stronger, honing his abilities to unlock his magical abilities of the elements of fire and plant, as well as discovering the rare ability known as the Moon element. He used these as much as he could to fight Heartless, but one thing remained: he could not kill them. No matter how hard he tried, how many times he knocked them down, they didn't stay there. He couldn't defeat them, only keep them busy. In fact, no one could, they were killed but then reformed shortly after by the shadows from which they were born. No matter how many times he tried, Edis just wasn't strong enough, so he left home at the age of 18 to discover who he was, and what he could do to destroy them. He journeyed to many other worlds by activating the dark portals he had once been so afraid of. The Heartless had affected him, turning his own heart dark, allowing him to summon these portals and even create a few Heartless of his own, giving him something of a training dummy, to see if he could ever kill one, but he never could, and didn't know how to until he reached the Radiant Gardens.

A world renowned for its large library, it was there that Edis learned so much about the Heartless, and how to destroy them. He uncovered the truth about death, how there were theories that detailed death was only a stage, and that you woke up in the Underworld, and they also stated that it was possible to escape if one was strong enough. Edis couldn't bring himself to believe these theories, he hoped, wished that Mikael's mother had found peace, and wasn't still dead, trapped in some god forsaken place with no way out. The library spoke of the keyblade, the weapons Edis saw on the fateful day, when he found himself in what was known as the Keyblade Graveyard. The Keyblades had the unique power of reforming a heart, being able to bring a person back to life by fusing the Heartless and the Nobody of a person. The Heartless was no longer the issue, Edis had to find Mikael's Nobody, and he did, three years later in the war torn world of Port Royal. He found and captured the Nobody, before meeting a man similar to the one that had caused all this. The man was like Edis: a strong living breathing human who had accepted the darkness as his own, and he taught the boy much about the world, and about how to fight and live for himself. The training only finished on the 12th anniversary of that day, 12 years after Mikael had become a Heartless, and it was then that Edis was finally ready. He needed the power of a Keyblade, and then he could do what he needed to right the wrongs he had caused. He journeyed home to Twilight Town to see his parents one last time before heading out to catch a train. His destination: Sunset Hill, and towards his future.
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My goodness, I've never seen anyone write up such an amount for their history. Have fun!



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