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Duncan Dairam Empty Duncan Dairam

Post by Duncan Dairam on Sat May 14, 2016 1:10 am

Duncan Dairam A_butcher_crowley_by_sinto_risky-d9xpr3e

Name: Duncan Dairam
Age: 324
Species: Somebody/Demon

Primary Elements
1.) Light

Duncan is serious at times but is mostly enjoyment inclined and care free laid back. He is fun loving guy and will usually do whatever it takes to keep himself entertained. When conversing with others he'll usually try to talk their ear off with something random, the topic wouldn't really matter to him as long as it kept the topic interesting and alive.  He is also quite optimistic  even  in the most dare of times. He is the type of guy to try and lighten the mood, bring up some wild story or just try to be the one that breaks the ice with everyone and crack a smile or do in the most formal sturdy places.

Usually Duncan only turns serious when he is annoyed or when he needs to be to survive, he practically is never serious unless he needs to be. When serious he will kill without hesitation so long as he needs to before hopefully getting the chance to enjoy himself again. Though this ruins a lot of the fun when facing tough enemies he fully understands that fun will keep him alive sometimes and he will need to take things quite a bit differently to maintain himself.


Duncan and his family held normality to their lives during the first few years of his birth,  his family was well known there thanks to their wealth and name. However he was unlike for the most part a black sheep of his age group, often different and consider strange to the main public eye and looked away from if it was not important to ask something of them. He was still part of the of the community but just that if seemed like they weren’t there at all most of the time. This was not an issues with Duncan as he loved his family despite the misfortune upon losing both their eldest and one of the twins. 

He could recall much time with his sister or with the brother that left them at his earlier age, it was mostly just them at their side while their mother lay in sickness. Despite how much he tried to love her she often always talked about the other two, often he would try and get her attention by causing trouble or trying to get in with good grades but alas her mind always seemed to wonder back to her lost children. His remaining sibling kept Duncan happy despite that but he never felt love for anyone he felt he was suppose to, growing up with this he understood the stratification of lack a parental unit and began experimenting with others affections for his charms.  

It was a grueling start for Duncan but it all evened out once he learned how to adapted to much of the changes from being treated from strangers now to people he trusted with his education. Much of the time he spent there was training, friends were already made and groups were formed at a much younger age when he was kept home so much fearing the parents of others would dislike him so he was a bit of an outcast, he talked to many people and considered them audience’s and play mates but not many as close friends. He was confident about himself. He got the hang of things at the  young age and from then on tried to work on his social skills a little more then his training. Didn’t come easy at all, overly blunt with people that just met him, often trying too hard to become friends with people that only wanted nothing to do with him. And of course the love note here and there which Duncan had no interesting in from the ladies, which at that age all took personal offence to. But a few setbacks and detentions he managed to find himself a close nit of friends that were just different, fun and friendly to him for him. They were really a smart bunch aside from Duncan  getting one of the highest grades out of the seven of them.

Though a social laid back person that didn’t mind taking second in command and being ordered around. He of course focus on a lot of the book work but soon deeply went into focusing on his body as the age of puberty, changing all over and building mass like never before as well as getting tired of began picked on for being a wimp he trained long and hard to get physical stronger, he was always talented with numerous weapons and learned soon how to use it to his advantage.

Through out the years his brother pleaded for his baby brother to join with him in as a guardsman, and upon doing so, he started searching for their sister behind the scenes of his quests. He wasn't sure if he really should or not after the death of their mother and all but his elder brother was the only person left that he really cared about so one favour in this life time wouldn't hurt.  But despite that he wanted a different life from the one sodomite o their world, he wanted to explore and test himself past the limits of his clan's men. He'd ready himself and his items ready for combat.
Duncan Dairam
Duncan Dairam

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Duncan Dairam Empty Re: Duncan Dairam

Post by Faye on Sat May 14, 2016 4:45 am


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