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Post by Meara on Sat May 14, 2016 9:58 pm

Name: Aldrey

Species: Somebody


Character (4) | STR Tier(3) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(0) | SPE Tier(5) | AGI Tier(5)

Purpose: Supposed child of Harley, the literal creation which shows the darkside of 'progess'

History: Aldrey hates the Darkson's.

She is disgusted by the entire lot of them.

Though her entire creation was thanks in part to them.

Due to her extreme regeneration Aldrey can't die from natural means or physical declination.  Though usually many would consider this a gift, Audrey considered this quite the curse. After her initial birth Audrey was operated on by her creators, without morphine or a means to null the pain. She felt everything. She remembers every scalpel twisting inside her, the sound of the bonesaw used to separate her bones and insert their tech inside of her. The stasis she was kept in to halt her regeneration so that they could operate and continue to operate doing different things. Trying out their different ideas and their different mechanics to figure out how to make perfect synth. They would carry on with conversations while they were operating on her, as if she was nothing more then a object to be experimented on. They attached to her backside a tail. Rather, she called it her tail, in actuality it was a large dragon head without eyes and razor sharp teeth. Turrets came out of the side of its head and they seemed capable of firing ammunition.  Which could be used as a means to escape however it was constantly sedated and was simply deadweight throughout her existence. Through it all, Aldrey remained absolute on two things. Number one was she would never forgive the ones who were doing this too her the moment she found out their names. Number two was simple, she wanted to live. She refused to believe that despite whatever reasons she was created it was not going to end with her simply stuck in this laboratory. Every time she was questioned by her creators she'd be chained down to something either a seat or a table it'd depend on the day. As the days went by her intelligence grew. The shrieks that were once the only response to the electroshock punishments soon turned into curses and those curses soon turned into full insults. No doubt she was becoming smarter and her captors knew she was gaining her own free will.

They decided to fix that.

Aldrey couldn't tell what day it was nor could she tell the time. Once again when she woke up she was in a large oval like room strapped to a chair and in front and above was a room with glass that seemed to be an observatory. Though what made her worry was something directly above her, head gear with small drills attached to the side. At this point for the first time in what she considered Aldrey actually began to beg. Over the past couple days there were hints that this was coming. It was obvious what they were going to do now. An Aldrey absolutely refused. For the first time she began true resistance, most of the time she didn't resist because she knew her regeneration would eventually ensure she was fine. Though if they got that headgear on her she really would become their puppet. No doubt be used in some kind of crazy scheme for war or something like that. The headgear was jammed into her head and her purple iris widened as she began to feel her cranium literally be drilled into as tears began to fall from her face while the pain of having drills literally dig into your skull could be felt by the girl. An she begged, for something.

Anything to happen.

An something did.

At that moment Aldrey felt the entire laboratory shake, the drills stopped. An alarm began to blare. The usual two voices quickly came on the speaker asking questions. Her 'tail' still sedated and sleeping throughout this entire endeavor for once actually woke up and it began to thrash about underneath it's own restraints. The voices on the intercom as usual the man and the women's. One seemed annoyed by the shaking, while the other seemed to be calm cool and collected and was....the sound of something being loaded could be heard perhaps a weapon. The next part happened so fast she barely remembered what exactly happened. Though the large doors that seemed to be her prison warden were blown off the hinges as if they were tinfoil. The resounding impact the doors made when they hit the ground proved her wrong. Standing at the door was a tall figure that in head to toe had some kind of strange armor on him and there was a scarf wrapped around the neck. As he walked forward, she felt fear for her soul. And she tried to move despite being strapped to the chair. Her tail began to whimper, once again thrashing about trying to free itself. As the figure approached her she simply sat their stricken by fear her heart pounding. A blade appeared in the figures hand in a flash of light and the creators voices were getting closer. He went to slash the blade when he did she closed her eyes tightly. After awhile the pain that was the drills within her head was gone, yet she refused to open her eyes. The straps that were around her arms and legs we're broken and she felt the restraints that held down her tail suddenly be free. She opened her eyes and to her surprise her head was still attached to her neck and none of her limbs were attempting to grow themselves back.  She stood up  and for the first time in her life.

She felt free.

She looked up at her savior, however the moment before a smile drew on her face. She quickly hid her naked figure behind him. At the opening of the room stood, the creators and neither of them looked happy. The female creator for once didn't have that cocky and smug look on her face. She seemed furious, and her face had an absolute look of anger. Meanwhile the male creator had that rifle he always had on him loaded and it looked like he was waiting for the perfect moment to shoot the one who came to save her. She simply hid behind them while the creators asked for her to be returned, however every time they asked he simply said no. The voice of her protector wasn't normal...in fact it was strange it sounded as though three other voices spoke with his own. Though the figure was on her side, it scared her to hear him speak. Shaking every time the figure raised its voice to the creators. It wasn't long before she heard the female creator tell the male creator to fire at the figure. She heard the sound of the gun. Her body shook, however as quick as it happened she closed her eyes.

An no longer could she feel her body.

She felt as if she was only a conscious, and for awhile she thought that the shot must have engulfed both her and the one who came to save her. She saw bright colors and lights...so this is what happens she told herself. She accepted the fact that this was probably the end of her short life, and then...it happened.

Something incredibly bright suddenly was blinding her and she brought her arms up to cover her eyes. Underneath her hooves she felt something different other than the marble floor she had grown to hate. She felt something hot, yet soft and with grains. She heard the sound of something consistently moving, crashing upon itself yet, it sounded peaceful. Her vision finally corrected itself and she looked ahead at the armored savior.

Was she really free?

The armor disappeared from his body and now he seemed to be wearing some mesh shorts and a orange tank top. She stared confused at the sudden change in appearance, however when he initially turned around she saw his eyes and they were pure white orbs. That quickly changed when he turned around and his eyes were now bright green. Confused by the sudden change in not only atmosphere but everything that had happened in these few short minutes. She felt herself feeling light headed and wasn't used to standing at all without being chained to something. Though despite all that, her savior said only sentence to her.

"Lets get some clothes on you."

An with that, she blacked out.

Ability Set: Extreme Regeneration


Ability Name:

Extreme Regeneration makes it impossible for Aldrey to ever die. No matter how hard you try to kill her, Aldrey will keep regenerating to keep up with your attacks. Regardless of whether you are launching a meteor at her or a 1000 sword slash. Odds are likely before you are done with your attack Aldrey has already started regenerating from it. Though it is still possible to knock Aldrey for a period of time. Extreme regeneration covers any part of her body from mass quick reproduction of cells to growing or reconnecting bones within seconds.

Aldrey's tail is alive and one with her. For starters the razor sharp teeth in a nutshell is jagged orichalcum able to cut through anything. The turrets on the side of her tails head are capable of firing live ammunition and even more so her tail is capable of eating metal or just about anything or turn it into ammunition. What's worse is when desperate or extremely frightened her tail ends up growing two more heads. An growing to the size of a large building though if this were happen, Aldrey is not awake during this process, if Aldrey were to wake up her tail would turn back to regular size.

Character Tier 5
   MP 0 | DP 0
STR 6 Tier 3 | END 6 Tier 3 | MAG 0 Tier 0| SPE 6 Tier  3 | AGI  6 Tier 3| SYN 0


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Re: Aldrey

Post by Faye on Sun May 15, 2016 2:38 am


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