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Crysta Darkson, the Lightning Goddess

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Crysta Darkson, the Lightning Goddess

Post by Crysta Darkson on Mon May 16, 2016 12:48 am

Name: Crysta Darkson
Age: 15
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Lightning
3.) Time
4.) Plant

Personality: Crysta is a rather rash, outspoken, and foul-mouthed young woman, who is prone to rather short bursts of great tempers. Much like her mother, not only is she a bit on the small side, but she too has that short fuse that's just easy to light. Never really far from her more quieter twin, Emilia, the two work as a duo and a compliment of one another. Thus, it's not strange to have one quietly sneak up on you, while the other gets up in your face with tons of profanity. Besides her foul mouth, Crysta is intelligent and has the ability to hold conversations, yet there's the quirk of her making all of her speech dramatic whenever she does open her mouth to speak.

Appearance: Crysta, like her sister, stands at 5'4” and have lithe body frames. She inherited her mother's eyes, which means they are pitch-black and have the same pointed ears, which shows her elven heritage. The young girl also has a combination of both parents' hair colors with hers being a sky-blue, with it eventually transitioning into blonde the further towards the tips they go.

Casual Outfit: Crysta wears a yellow-on-blue track suit with a black undershirt beneath the jacket. Her hair is usually let down or tied up in a pony-tail.

Combat Outfit: There is a fusion between her mother's attire and the outfit worn by one of her relatives, Lily. Her combat uniform comes in the form of armor made from an especially light steel, that covers her body from the neck down. There's nothing really remarkable in terms of its aesthetic design. Complimenting and completing this outfit, is a black poncho, with blue thorns along the bottom edges of cloth.


Crysta and Emilia were trained alongside one another by their mother, Schwartz., once their older brother had begun to utilize his own powers. She didn't want to make the mistake of having her husband screw over their training, so Schwartz oversaw every aspect of it. The two were easily able to keep up with the sort of training, but didn't necessarily enjoy it. Crysta didn't like being ordered around by her mother, but saw it as a chance to learn her secrets and eventually overthrow her, to become head of the household (mind you, she's a little girl. A girl can dream).

Thus, she focused more on her hand-to-hand and weapon techniques, yet wasn't a slouch when it came to the usage of spells and other such affinities. This even included her innate ability to summon electric dragons from her mouth, a trait shared with her father, Veara. This also meant she had to have been monitored by the blonde, for if she were to ever lose her temper completely and summon those aspects of pure power, she'd likely level the entirety of their island home. Yet, there wasn't ever any trouble concerning that, though, she did in fact feel accomplished that she might have had something, that could eventually bring down her Beta (mother).

Eventually, when the twins had reached the age of 15, Schwartz was convinced by Veara to let the two fly the coop. They had gone through her rigorous regiments and showed that they were both fit and needed the outside world experience to become good leaders. The mother easily relented to that and allowed them to go off. Crysta was mostly happy, because she thought of it as a way to gain more and more knowledge on how to defeat her Beta. Together with her sister, Emilia, there would be no end to the amount of chaos and comedy that would come from the two, especially Crysta.

They decided to join up with Morgan's army and serve as apart of her Seraphim. Crysta figured that if she could assume the title that her mother once held AND do better at the job, then she was one step closer to being that much more powerful than she. Besides that, she did have the added benefit of being able to travel and potentially fight strong opponents, if and when she was sent out on missions. Accompanied with her twin, the two would make a killer duo in the Neo-Darkson Army.

Crysta Darkson

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Re: Crysta Darkson, the Lightning Goddess

Post by Faye on Mon May 16, 2016 7:28 am


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