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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Emilia Darkson, the Ocean's Avatar

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Emilia Darkson, the Ocean's Avatar

Post by Emilia Darkson on Mon May 16, 2016 12:50 am

Name: Emilia Darkson
Age: 15
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Lightning
4.) Water

Personality: Emilia is a rather quiet young lady, who mostly speak one-line sentences. Her calm demeanor betrays the inner bursts of excitement she's prone to. She's like the opposite of her twin in terms of being able to keep her speech mild-mannered. Emily isn't interested in the honor or glory that comes from leadership, though doesn't necessarily take a backseat when on stage.

Appearance: Emilia stands at 5'4” just like her twin, but unlike her they share in a different hairstyle. She has blonde as the main color with it transitioning to pale-blue near the tips. Much like her sister, she has pitch-black eyes and knife-shaped ears, which alludes to the genes granted to her by her mother.

Casual wear: Emilia loves her dresses and often has many variations of the same one. The young woman enjoys floral and wave-like patterns, which are normally embroidered on the sleeves of her blouse and on the edges of her skirts. A tropical flower decorates her hair when she's at home or in a more colloquial setting.

Combat gear: When on missions or anything that requires her skill, she utilizes a form of light, form-fitted, steel armor. Made from the same material as her twin's. She also sport a similar appearing poncho, but rather than having blue lightning bolts like her twin, Emily has ocean waves along the edge of hers.

History: Emilia born alongside her twin, Crysta, are the pair of daughters who belong to Veara and Schwartz Darkson. The two of them were like night and day, but that was to be expected of them. There had to have been differences in their attitudes and true enough, the pair were more reminiscent of Celia and Lily, where one was easily excited and the other held her composition despite the excitement which boiled in her. Unlike her sister who wants to defeat their mother, she's a simple little daddy's girl, who gives a lot of love and devotion to her papa. Much to her mother's chagrin, she enjoyed spending an inordinate amount of time with her father.

There was a point, however, to where the father had urged the mother to allow them to leave off. Of course, even though the Beta wanted to have the Alpha all to herself, she was fearful of her little girls. Before they even could, she decided that it was time to train them, especially since their older brother had already gone off on adventures of his own. That being said, Schwartz felt that they should at least be prepared for the unknown and to have their limits tested.

The training was easy for them to keep up with and Emilia had a knack for flinging spells across the battlefield, while she attacked using her weapons. A battlemage, so to say, with the shocking ability to manipulate water with near expertise ability. Her skills with the element was catastrophic to say the least, considering there was an incident in which she dropped the entirety of an ocean on a person, after they had attempted to harm her papa. Both Schwartz and Veara managed to prevent any other form damage done to the island and the town beyond, but that poor sap was crushed under tons and tons of aquatic pressure.

No doubt after that was the mother at least a bit more confident in her two little girls. That said, the Beta gave her full permission and sent them off on their way. When they did, the first thing Crysta wanted to do, was to visit their cousin-in-law, Morgan. The young queen was apparently recruiting for her new Seraphim, which were honored assassins and warriors, who had served each and every ruler of the Darkson Army, since the first formation of the lineage.

Emilia Darkson

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Re: Emilia Darkson, the Ocean's Avatar

Post by Faye on Mon May 16, 2016 7:25 am


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