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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Lioa on Tue May 17, 2016 1:09 pm

Informational Data

Name: Lioa Mageheart

Age: 21

Species: Somebody

Homeworld: Castle of Dreams

Occupation: Student of the Radiant Garden Academy of Magic

Elemental Characteristics

Heart Element: Light

Primary Element 1: Ice

Primary Element 2: Thunder

Primary Element 3: Earth

Personal Characteristics


Perspective: Lioa currently has a slightly naïve perspective on life, although that’s been tempered with the knowledge she had gained since the year she had arrived in radiant garden. To her, things like compassion and generosity will get you many places and if you work hard enough you can get into just about whatever you want. Naïve doesn’t mean stupid, however, and she has played enough of the Grand Game to know the signs of manipulation.

Belief: Morality plays a big part in Lioa’s beliefs, as does Responsibility. She believes if you have the power to make a change, its ones duty to use it and not hide it away like a curse. That being said, she also believes in using that power for the benefit of the many and not the few, and to use such a power to destroy life and civilization that one must take that power away and give it to somebody more worthy of such a power.

Aspirations: Lioa wants to find herself and know all that she can, hopefully becoming one of the greatest mages to ever live. Besides that, finding Vytel and thanking him for making her want to become a better, more knowledgeable mage is her other biggest one.

Historical Data

History: Lioa Mageheart was born into a family of aristocratic white mages, a family which tempered compassion and charity with an equal amount of responsibility; she was taught to understand that she was in fact a superior to the lower classes, but she must always remember to treat them with the level of respect given to a normal being. As a child, she was taught a variety of things- the basics of white magic, how to conduct oneself in a courtly situation and also how to imply rather than speak outright.

It would stay like that for a long time, her life having been written out for her- meals, lessons, even free time. Lioa was happy, but she remembered being the happiest when an old, good hearted black mage by the name of Vytel had come into her family’s manor. For her family, it was a conflict in ideology- white mages believed in order and no small amount of compassion, and to them, black mages were both chaotic and amoral- despite his efforts to prove to the families that black mages weren’t like that.

He only stayed for a night, but Lioa took advantage of her little bit of free time to pester the man with stories and demonstrations of his type of magic. A little bit of time was all it took for the old mage to impress her, making a show out of his use of black magic and telling her a variety of stories of other lands than the one he called The Castle of Dreams, which he told her was the name of the world she had been raised on. It wasn’t enough time for the young mage, and she found she had wanted to hear more stories, see more magic.

Wanting to know more about the worlds, and the magic that contained them; she had argued with her parents about leaving The Castle of Dreams and exploring the worlds in search of herself. It was a heated argument, her parents warning her of the darkness that lay outside of the manor she lived in. Lioa countered with the fact that she only knew white magic and that would be enough to defend herself or others until such a time when she learned the use of combative magic. It went on like this for several hours before her parents had, finally, allowed her with stipulations.

The first was that she was to keep the highest grade possible to reflect that she really wanted to learn, something which Lioa reluctantly agreed to. The second was that her parents where to pick the school, an academy of magic in a world known as Radiant Garden. The third was that she was to write often, to spare her mother of worries. With these three, she was free to roam where she wished.

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Re: Lioa

Post by Veara on Tue May 17, 2016 2:14 pm


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