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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Hattori on Wed May 18, 2016 12:45 am

Name: Satori "Hattori" Umeki
Age: 27
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.)  Light
2.) Lightning
3.) Wind
4.) Water

Personality: Hattori is an honorable man who believes in doing what must be done. He is more so a man of action, but does think words are important. He is confident in his ability as a person and prefers to take a leading role, but is not too prideful to not allow another to lead. Very cooperative, likes long walks on beaches. Articulate about when he takes action, but does so without regret or fear. Very much about deep thought. Likes thoughtful music, which is why his best friend is a bard.
Appearance:  Appearance

History: Hattori originally began as the son of a woodland family in the Land of Dragons, farming for their sustenance and giving their cut to the residential authority. Eventually, tyranny fell upon his family and as a boy, he took up the bow of his father to assault the land's lord. When he was subdued and punished, a masked man had come and slain those who took him hostage. Without words, this man vanished. Taking his father's bow, he returned to his home with the farm burning. Being outcast by the militant forces of the village, he made his way for china and learning the ways of the Nin. Becoming a peasant on the streets of China, he had become disdainful of noble beings. When he became a man, he was taken in by a master of Nin, honing his ways and being sent to undo the damage the tyrant of his home village had inflicted. Assassinating, the lord who replaced the tyrant was none other than the son of his master.

While his village obtained peace, Hattori didn't find it fair that so many were homeless. He made it his goal to meet the Lord of China, to confront him about the economic situation and if he would not be heard, he would once again done the suit and mask that concealed his identity when he slew the tyrant of his own village. While the majority of his life he experienced a cliche origin story, he eventually was turned to traveling the worlds in pursuit of the man who originally saved him after being left several obscure messages. Becoming an adventurer of sort, Hattori had moonlighted as a robin hood-esque assassin. He met a boy named Julio only a few years younger than himself and took a liking to him and his music. They hit it off as friends and traveled together. A pair of peasants against the worlds.

Other Notes: (Is there anything else worth mentioning about your character?)

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Re: Hattori

Post by Faye on Wed May 18, 2016 6:54 pm


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