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Post by Kadasha on Fri May 20, 2016 1:53 am

Name: Kadasha
Age: ??
Species: Heartless (Pureblood)

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Rust

Personality: First impressions of her during a casual encounter paints her as a curious, childish, carefree, and happy-go-lucky girl who always seemed to only want to have fun. She's upbeat and always seems to look towards the positive things in life. To people she cares about, she can be loving and nurturing, not really something one would expect from a heartless. She doesn't see much point in choosing her words carefully and comes off as blunt and rude, which may make it seem like she's more or less doing so to incite a hostile response, though some may take it as a sort of childish innocence.

But beneath all that childish facade houses a psychopathic maniac who treats life and death as a game. Being a heartless only makes that view on life even more pronounced. Because she doesn't need to fear death knowing that she'd be reborn anyway, she doesn't hesitate to go all in if that's what it takes to win. And in the event she'd loose, she'd simply say it was a good run before being dealt the final blow. But whenever there was a Keyblader around, she wouldn't let that person be the one to kill her because then she'd never be able to come back and play. If it had to be done, she'd kill herself before that happened.

She does however have a tendency to let a few people live. Those people are mainly those who gave her the most fun when fighting. This may ultimately lead to her demise, but that has never crossed her mind.


She stands at around 4'11" tall and has bluish hair tied into pigtails with ribbons. Her eyes are actually yellow, but she masked them to red. A large influx of power would reveal the golden orbs she hides.

History: It's not easy to trace where her heart came from as it was taken along with a mass of other hearts to create Heartless in bulk. Though from her personality, it made sense that her heart came from a child, or someone with the mind of one, while her psychotic side may stem from the darkness' influence which made her heart twisted as it succumbed. But these are all theories, and the truth may never be known, not that she even considered wanting to learn that.

Other Notes:

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Re: Kadasha

Post by Faye on Fri May 20, 2016 12:36 pm


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