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Post by Luminita on Tue May 24, 2016 4:41 pm

Name: Luminita
Age: Somebody was 18yrs
Species: Pureblood Heartless

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Storm
3.) Time

Personality: Luminita tends to stray from people she doesn’t know. Those who she’s close to however she latches onto quite tightly. If she’s ever in the position where she needs to be in the presence of unfamiliar people, she tends to act cheerfully, to the point where she can be seen as flirtatious.

Appearance: Luminita’s most noticeable detail are the wings sprouting from her lower back and the horns that form a halo-esque shape. She has a thin figure, standing at around 5’10”, including the high heels she wears all the time. She also wears a thin white dress that exposes a good deal of her femininity.


Born in a distant world, Gabriel lived a rather normal life. Like any girl her age, she went to school, spent time with her friends, and pretty much lived life as it came. Though as time went on, she became more introverted.

However rough times hit her and her family, and it became too much for Gabriel to handle. After her father died from a terminal illness. With no one to provide income, her mother began to sell herself to provide for her and her daughter. Each day became longer and more difficult for Gabriel, and soon she just let herself be embraced by the darkness. Almost poetically, the world she lived on became swallowed by darkness, of which Gabriel let embrace her as well.

The next thing she knew, she was on some sort of soft soaked sand, the sound of the sea roaring around her. She remembered almost nothing about herself. No name, no background. She didn’t even know where she was at, or where she came from.

She walked the shore of where she lay, naked, wandering aimlessly. As she made her way, she ran across two drunkards, both of them hooping and hollering at her, soon walking by her path. She muttered for them to keep back, but they did no such thing. Instead, one of them tried to grab her wrist. Almost what felt like instinct, she immediately tensed, wings sprouting from her back and a great wave of wind erupted around her, thunder echoing in the distance. The drunkards were thrown a distance, and after shaking off the brief surprise from suddenly sprouting wings, she moved on and attempted flight.

Further down the shore, she collapsed. She had almost given up. The emptiness she felt inside of her, and this new form was weighing more on her than she realized. As she knelt on the soggy sand, she was once again approached by two men, both dressed significantly more refined than the drunkards she encountered earlier.

One of them was dressed in fine leather, his pale skin glistening in the moonlight and blond hair just as pale. The other was slightly shorter, his back hunched and hidden behind a black hooded cloak. The pale man approached her, his presence seemingly calming her. The man knelt down to her, giving her a standard greeting and introduced himself as ‘Isaias’, asking for her name after.

She paused, trying to remember again but she couldn’t recall. Isias gave a small laugh as he extended his hand to her.

You don’t remember, do you? I can see now, you’re a bird with wings, but nowhere to fly. Let me give you a path to fly, Luminita.

After a little pondering, she took Isaias’ hand and he pulled her up. Isaias told her of a group he was forming, which he called the “Pioneers of She’Aire.” He said that he would explain it to her in full, should she accept her place within it.

Isaias took step back from her, a sort of black corridor forming behind him. He beckoned to her, once more calling her “Luminita.” As she was about to speak, the man who walked with Isais took a step forward, still not removing his hood, objected in a raspy voice, saying that this Heartless wasn’t trustworthy yet.

Isaias shot the hooded man a glare, but before he said anything, Luminita stepped forward. Although she was thrown off being called Heartless, she said that if it will help, she will swear to Isaias’ cause on the spot.

Taking the following stunned silence as a yes, she did just that, using the name of Luminita. Isaias’ expression softened, reassuring the hooded man, whom he called ‘Dominik’, there was nothing to be afraid of to which he replied he was only doing his job. With that, the three of them departed the shore through Isaias’ Corridor, re emerging within a large decorated cavern, surrounded by the roaring sea. It took Luminita some time to get used to this new location, but happily accepted it as her new home.

Since that point in time, Luminita has begun to recall her past life, but has chosen not to disclose it. The Darkness has made her what she is now, and everything before that is nothing if not irrelevant.

Other Notes: No one has ever seen Luminita sleep.

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Re: Luminita

Post by Eno Vale on Tue May 24, 2016 5:20 pm



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