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Rosetta "Rose" Ryley

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Rosetta "Rose" Ryley

Post by Rosetta Ryley on Wed May 25, 2016 11:48 am

Name: Rosetta "Rose" Ryley
Age: 46
Species: Somebody [Augmented Human]

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Thunder
4.) Metal

Personality: Rose is an energetic and happy girl with a love for all things technological. She has a high level of intelligence and is quick to pick up on new things. She displays a healthy level of curiosity, but knows her limits. Despite her happy and social attitude, she isn't very trusting of people she isn't acquainted with. She does approach people freely, but she always has her guard up unless there are people around her who she knows she could trust.

She can act proper and businesslike when times call for it, although she doesn't like doing it, feeling too restricted. Being so used to wearing a suit, she only feels comfortable when wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts when going outside. She does wear simple shirts and tank tops from time to time, but only when she's by herself, when she's training, or when its too hot to be wearing a suit (Though she will try to endure at first). If no suit or similar clothing is available for her to wear, she'd wear anything, so long as she deems it appropriate.

She doesn't mind wearing dresses, but at the same time, she doesn't feel very safe when wearing them. Though feminine in her actions, she prefers masculine clothing over all.

While she's sweet and charismatic, she mustn't be taken lightly. She has been trained to kill in a number of fashions, and invoking her wrath may not be the best course of action.


Rose is 5'5" tall with a slender build, and looks younger than she actually is thanks to her Nano augmentations. She often wears a red tie over her long-sleeved white shirt, which is often tucked into her black pants. Sometimes, she dons a black suit to go with the rest of her attire, but that is only when necessary.

She has a fair complexion and near-perfect skin. Again, this was thanks to her augmentations. She's not the vain type, but she's glad she doesn't have to worry about getting any unsightly imperfections on her skin. Her long blond hair is mostly seen being worn into a ponytail, but when it's not, it falls down to her lower back. She has beautiful emerald eyes which are almost always hidden behind red-framed glasses. She doesn't have any sight problems, but she wears it because a dear friend of hers once told her she looked cute in them.

There are two holsters on her belt where she keeps her handguns, another under her pant leg for a combat knife, and a few small pouches around her outer right thigh to hold her ammunition and other things that would be impractical to be stuffed into pockets.

History: At a very young age, she was caught in a car accident that left her with broken arms and almost losing a leg. However, she was found soon after, barely alive. She was fixed using some of Forge's cybernetics, and was adopted into a less than credible organization by one of its members, someone by the name of Allen Campbell, the person who saved her. He treated the young girl as if she was his own flesh and blood, and Rose considered herself lucky, even if her adoptive father seemed negligent at times. Because of her father's line of work--being a researcher for a weapons company in Forge, she took an interest, and was even put on a spot where she would be hanging around the laboratories at her leisure.

At the age of twelve she became deathly ill and came close to dying. The cause was an outbreak of corrupted nanites that were released by an unhappy employee. The adults were immune thanks to their own nanites, but Rose didn't have any of those machines in her. Without protection, the corrupted nanites invaded and wrecked havoc in her body. To save her, she was injected with a large dosage of experimental nanites to counter the infection. It was blindingly painful, and the hell she felt lasted for almost three days.

After her ordeal, she was finally allowed to see her father, who hugged her tighter than he ever did before. It was an emotional time for the girl. Because of the experimental nano machines in her body, she began to display affinities for telekinesis. Apparently, the nanites they injected into her were created to emulate magic, among other things. It was supposed to be used by soldiers who weren't born with the gift, and she had just become the first test subject. It was a gamble, but it was one that she was glad her father decided to take. After all, she would have died otherwise.

With that on her mind, she decided to join the security firm that held an exclusive contract to the research company, where she made use of the technology that saved her life to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, she wasn't cut-out for the job, and instead decided to work on research and development. That's when things got a little dark for her, although it wasn't clear to her at first.

After a few years of working with the company, she was assigned to a branch that she never knew existed, one that actually put the weapons they made to the test. She was given training, which not only included how to control their machines, but also physical training. She was to be a field operative, and she was excited about it.

With her training complete, she was placed in a room that controlled most of the machines. She expected to be stuck in the room, which had gotten her disheartened, but that wasn't the case. She was assigned a unit that needed close attention, so she had to go with him to the field. Yes, it was a him. The unit she was assigned was a reportedly brain-dead soldier that was outfitted with the latest combat exosuit. According to his file, he was in an accident that left him mangled up. It said that he was a great soldier, and it would have been a waste to just let him simply die.

While waiting for the Spectre soldier to be brought to the base, she spent her time in her room, which she shared with another woman named Vinyl. She learned that Vinyl had been hired because of her skills, but refused to tell exactly what those skills were. The quickly became best of friends and shared most of everything. But as time went on, Rose saw that Vinyl was growing restless.

She refused to tell her what was bothering her, but she suddenly disappeared while Rose was going on a mission with K10, the Spectre that was assigned to her. Nobody would tell her where she had gone, and it made her a little suspicious. When she went digging, she was met with a lot of obstacles, and even got a memo one time telling her to stop what she was doing. It wasn't a direct threat, but the tone of the letter told her that this was one warning she had to take to heart.

Lesson learned, she took risks and hacked into the mainframe. What she saw had shocked her greatly. The company she was working with was involved in many questionable acts, such as selling off their weapons to the highest bidder, most of them being underground organizations that terrorized other countries, and even Forge itself. What's more, she found out the truth about K10. He was a soldier from the military of an unspecified country. He was caught in an ambush and got crushed by a jeep that was blown up by a rocket.

The file was very detailed about him, and it made it clear that he was the intended target of the ambush. He took part in an experiment that killed most of the participants. After the ambush, he was implanted with control chips so he had undying loyalty. And the worst part was what was written before Rose was assigned to be his handler. It detailed what they did to calibrate him, which was to attack the military he was part of, and then execute a child. It was no ordinary child either, it was his adopted one, which he found during a skirmish and adopted soon after.

Among all the other secrets she had access to, she found out why Vinyl had suddenly disappeared. She was snooping around for answers as well, and was terminated in every sense of the word. Rose copied as many files as she could and left before she would fall to the same fate. She knew she had to get out, but if the people grew suspicious of her, she was as good as dead.

In her room, while pacing uncomfortably, she found something that belonged to her friend. It detailed plans about cutting ties with the Syndicate, and had a message for her, telling her how to get out without getting caught. She wished hard that this meant her friend was safe, and proceeded to execute the plan laid out to her.

During K10's last mission as the Syndicate's minion, Rose purposefully put him in a position where he was blown away from an explosion which broke the control chip and setting him free. Part two of the plan relied mostly on the cyborg, so Rose simply waited.

It took a while, but K10 appeared again. There were rumors of him working as a mercenary before, but the report concerning him was the break she needed. Prior to the event, another one of their experimental Metahumans escaped and wound up in a hospital. K10 seemed to take an interest on the subject as well and was seen heading over to the hospital. When a retrieval team was sent out, she went with them.

They surrounded the building and a shock team went in. Gunfire were traded, but it was apparent that the Syndicate was losing the battle. Rose took cover in her vehicle, not wanting to help the others, still disgusted at their operations. After just a few short minutes, K10 and the other rogue experiment burst through the door and open fired on the uniformed soldiers. Her van was fully bulletproof so she was fine. Until K10 declared her vehicle to be their way out. He pulled the door open, and Rose pointed the gun to his head, to at least making him stop for even a second. But instead, he put his gun on her chest, and Rose felt a jolt of electricity pass through her, then she blacked out.

When she woke up, she found herself hung by the wrist, tied to a pipe in a basement with only her undergarments. She struggled to free herself, but that only attracted the attention of her captor. He came down with a metal pipe, and demanded to know who he was. She told him everything he needed to know, but it only filled him with rage, learning what he was used for. He even brought down the pipe over her head, but for some reason, it never connected. It was left hovering just inches above her head. After a short conversation, she was cut down, and the other metahuman brought down her clothes. It was at that time did she learn what they called themselves. K10 named himself 'Ghost', while the other, 'Kotaro'.

This was the break she needed, and when the Syndicate's goons showed up, she knew she was leaving with the two rogues one way or another. She helped them escape, rigging some explosives to cars and vans, then blowing them up to cover their trail. After a few difficulties, they escaped. Kotaro went his own way, and Rose followed Ghost.

The two of them would eventually found the Crimson Shadows, although the creation of the group sort of just happened. When people saw how well they worked, those confident in their own skills would seek them out. This continued, and soon they expanded. Rose oversaw managing the group and their missions, and when Ghost took over Alteria, saw to it that their new assets were maintained.

After the heartless invasion on Haven, information on world-hopping devices began to surface. When Felicity, a fellow Shadow, stole one of the prototypes, she sent the schematics for it to Rose before she used the device herself to escape the facility. With the schematics, Rose and the research department created their own versions of the device and integrated the technology into her nanites once everything was safe to use.

She tested out the upgrade and ended up in Twilight Town, where she set up a beacon to call any operatives nearby. Surely enough, there was a response from none other than Ghost, who took up the alias 'Zulu' soon after he disappeared.

For 20 years, she remained by Zulu's side, assisting him any way she could. Eventually, they created a branch of the Crimson Shadows, albeit this time, they were purposefully made as a small-scale group, but after the incident with Cilena, they were put in charge of a larger outfit. A branch of the Galactic Armada in Deep Space. Although she could have easily taken a position in that fleet as a high-ranking officer right beside Zulu, she decided she wasn't the administrative type and simply remained contented with making sure new recruits didn't get themselves killed on their first missions, which is always fun.

Other Notes:
Rosetta Ryley

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Re: Rosetta "Rose" Ryley

Post by Faye on Wed May 25, 2016 3:43 pm


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