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Run Boy, Run [Open]

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Run Boy, Run [Open]

Post by D10 on Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:38 am

White. All he could see was endless white. No sound, no detail, nothing but his own body being stuck in what seemed like an endless void. He felt like if he moved, it was a swim to nothing.For most, it would be maddening. However, this snow-haired boy was no man. He wasn't simply an emotionless program, but the body he assumed and the heart he had were much stronger than the average person. In fact, their lack of a few basic concepts and biological factors made them that way. But that's not what D10 was going to focus on. No, today was the day. As soon as Weiss would have his men release him for the daily questioning, he would have everything in place. Every inch of the facility has been accounted for, with every route visible mapped out in his mind. Everything he had seen was recorded, and merely stepping along the path allowed him to draw information about every bit of it all, to the crafting of the tiles of the hallways or even the support beams.

Weiss wasn't prepared for this one. Not this time, not when he was so public. The snow-haired boy had taken a more punk-like appearance, losing that curious, wonder-filled set of eyes that made him so innocent. How could he? D5 was gone, and Weiss had taken something so critical that it endangered the future of programs, of ISO's, and of mankind. This isn't what Occam and Dr. Kizeke wanted. Occam. He's been asleep for so long, he's been comatose simply awaiting awakening once the two were finally free. As the wall ahead of D10, who had known the void simply put his body in physical stasis, had been granted detail, the room began to appear more like a room. The wall opened up, with armor guards clad in black gripping the Dataloid's shoulders and thrust him from the cell. A red-clad captain of sorts immediately stepped forward and placed an electrified cuff around D10's neck. He didn't flinch, he didn't feel pain, he didn't move any slower.

As they dragged him down the hallway, Weiss came over the intercom. "Oh, dear, morning everyone! I noticed production's up two-hundred percent! Good job! I really am looking forward to the future. With the increased presence of heartless, your bright minds are needed to help mankind survive. And to my most prized innovators, I tip my head to you with a warm heart. I'll be busy with my own project today, so I hope you keep the rates up!" It was his daily pep-talk for the drones enslaved by the front Weiss has made for his black market trade and PMC. To make his militant presence more approachable and positive in the eyes of the public, he used what he's worked on and pulled from D10 to raise WTech from out of nowhere. D10 had counted each step he took, spacing and timing them just right so that he would end up in that perfect X-marked spot of his. In about ten steps spaced with whole-second intervals, he would reach a dead point in which the necklace was susceptible to his manipulation.

D10 had tapped into the superior functions Dr. Kizeke locked away over the past few years he had been held captive. Among these functions was clearly the understanding and connection to all technological things. Five steps. D10 was prepared, because the lack of security measures in Weiss' "Off Limits" floor 8-9 had made it a dead-zone for espionage trying to stab the building with surveillance. But it also allowed D10 to slowly develop an awareness of the walls' insides, allowing him to create something only he could notice was ticking away. Tick. Tick. Tick. Four Steps. Tick. Tick. Tick. Three Steps. "Hey guys, ever been to China? They have the BEST fireworks!" Bashed in the back by a rifle, D10 stumbled forward and bumped into the captain. "Shut up prisoner!" Smiling as he tumbled along the ground, he hit that deadzone, his hands passing through the shackles restraining him and undoing his collar. In the heat of the moment, he saw the guards ground for their guns. Still laying on the ground, D10 waved his hand at them with that devilish smirk of his. Suddenly, the hall filled with crimson inferno.

Fire whirled throughout, shoving its way through every crevice. Punching a hole in the walls to his left and right, D10 awaited the flames to clear before hopping to his feet. Looking to his right, he saw the charred parts of artificial beings and researches attending to them, shrugging before walking to the left and looking out to the beyond. From the outside, the citizens of Radiant Garden saw a cascading punch through the mighty WTech building. Curling pyres spread along the glass panel of the tower's front. Watching the falling debris, he heard rushing footsteps near. Stepping back, D10 touched the captain's armor and tore away the material, manifesting a bomb of sorts out of its shifted properties. He made a few, throwing one down each hallway and one into the lab before rushing out the gaping hole. One. Free-falling down, he looked back as the guards shot down from above. He weaved left and right, knowing those bullets could actually touch him.

His body whirled through the air, and the thorny bullets designed by Weiss' team after the boy had evaded him so many times missed. Closing his eyes, he continued counting down. Two. As he had fallen off a building higher up on the city's landscape, he had a far flight downward. Shifting himself to begin gliding like a flying squirrel, he morphed his body to have similar flaps. Smiling. Three. Squinting really hard, he he clenched his hands and the guards rushing to the hole were all pulled by their guns and armor towards him. Watching all the guards tumbling out, the building was then ravaged by multiple explosions, shards of it flying in all directions. The top of the building came crashing down on the lower flowers as the eight and ninth floors were decimated, seemingly evaporated by the mighty clusters D10 had planted. Those clusters were triggered by the grenades he made on the fly, which would have been something akin to his trip to Zion had he been given the right opportunities.

Weaving around the debris, he placed a hand on a chunk of wall, riding it down. Reaching out to the building, he retrieved all of his belongings via summoning, shrinking them down and pocketing them except for Chernobyl. Looking through the scope, he shot repeatedly, his hand moving like lightning to cock back and replace the bolt on it. Flick up, tug back, slam forward, flick down. Shoot. Headshot. Repeat. D10 watched mists of red form mid-air, picking off the aerial and defenseless guards as their bodies crashed into the ground below, with a few going through windows. As the piece of debris neared one of the lower ends of RG, D10 braced for impact as his signature armor folded onto his body, the Combat Aegis. Like a meteor he crashed through the street, dust and debris kicking up as his armor protected him from the environment. Using his hand, he forced himself back into the air, tumbling to his feet right into a dash.

Knowing Weiss would be ordering his hidden militant forces to hunt him down, he was going to need to signal D9 somehow if the man had a plan for escape. Otherwise, it was going to be one hell of a run while his body adjusted and awakened some of his long-ignored abilities. He had maybe a few minutes head start on the militant forces, with a bit longer for the actual Radiant Garden Military to reach him. For now, he would simply vanish. While it'd keep the Radiant Garden Military off of him, Weiss has certainly adapted to Ten's antics by bugging his  Chameleon Cloak. Dismissing Chernobyl, D10 brought out his beloved spear, Dysgu. It was a marvel, especially in the eye's of Occam. If he were to be hunted, he would like to be prepared. For now, he was going to wait for the two forces to collide before unveiling himself.

Meanwhile, the scene flashes to a point before the impact, where a street band was performing. They were in fact near the intact WTech tower, their violins and drums banging and chirping, a soft-spoken singer chanting to the crowds dropping change into his hat. "Run boy, run. The world is not meant for you....Run boy, run. They're trying to catch you. Run boy, run. Running is a victory....beauty lays beyond the hills." With the plethora of instruments playing in this huge band, they had gathered quite a following. Their song lightened up the hearts of many, and once it ended they all went their separate ways. As the song ended and the band prepared to leave for home, the building began buckling to the force of sudden explosion. They were far enough to run, but the terror of the unknown struck fear into their hearts. Returning to the running D10, he was an arrow piercing the very core of the unknown, and Weiss wasn't going to stop him.

Nobody could stop him. Ezekiel would break out from society and run into that mysterious maw of discovery.

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