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Helena Larsen

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Helena Larsen

Post by Helena on Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:29 am

<< Helena Larsen >>

Female | 18 | Somebody

Light | Earth | Fire | Space

Helena is your typical over-confident, young and friendly hero. She has a tendency to try and act cool around new people, refraining from giving off excitement of any sort yet still remains kind and interested in meeting them. Generally a happy individual, it is not common to see her joking around or having fun. Another part to Helena is that she gets extremely competitive, as in, she loves to win, more so than the average person. She isn't the kind to rub it in someone's face but more so to pat herself on the back in the fact she met her exceedingly high expectations for herself. In saying that, she hates to lose, more than the average person. On losing something, particularly in combat she will beat herself up about it and focus on details that brought her to that loss to ensure it doesn't happen again. She enjoys time with friends, food, swimming and exploring new places.

Helena is of a athletic but curvy build standing at about 5'8''. She has long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her complexion is a light, sun kissed tan. Lucky in terms of genetics, her facial structure is strong and beautiful with almost flawless skin apart from the few light freckles that spread across her nose. She dresses herself in casual attire, however always holding a small flair to her origins of Olympus Coliseum.

Born in Olympus Coliseum, Helena was the eldest child in her family, with quite an age gap between her and her two twin brothers. Her family was that of a seemingly typical citizen nature as her father was a carpenter and her mother stayed at home looking after the children. She attended school as a normal child would, attuned to the culture and values that those growing up in the area would look up to - the champions of the arena.

Growing up she was a smart and happy child however had a tendency to get in trouble from time to time - caught fighting with boys or girls older than her at school. To start out she would lose, but after awhile she started winning. This lead to her parents being called into the school - she had to stop fighting or she'd be expelled. Though her parents wanted her to follow her dream, they also believed strongly in education which lead them to a solution. She was able to go to combat training, so long as she stayed out of trouble in school. So she did.

Years passed and Helena graduated from high school and had become a well-trained fighter. She had been told rumors of being able to go to other worlds whilst learning about magic and synthesis. Upon hearing about this her interest peaked and she'd try pursue travel.


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Re: Helena Larsen

Post by Eno Vale on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:40 pm



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