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Post by Rosetta Ryley on Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:15 am

Name: Ozone
Age: 2
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Thunder
4.) N/A

Personality: Ozone is the type of person who sees an ally who lost a leg and then proceeds to tell them to "walk it off" if they start writhing in pain. To her defense, she isn't well acquainted with biological entities, and because of her own construction, she could hardly say she could empathize. That being said, she has little restraint when it comes to social interactions. She can be overly frank about certain things, and she has trouble keeping her mouth shut, and concepts such as personal space, privacy and... clothing are easily lost on her. It doesn't take a genius to guess that she can be a handful at times, but she pulls through at the end of the day.

She has a great curiosity about the world, and is eager to learn new things whether it is useful or completely trivial, it doesn't matter to her. While she has a photographic memory, she doesn't make the best use of it, and often fails to utilize it at times. She's easily distracted once her attention span has reached its limit, and depending on how she perceives the situation, that limit may be lower or higher.

She stands at a height of 5'5", and when out of her suit, she resembles a traditional slime, but touching her could be fatal as she is made completely out of energy instead of something a bit more water-based. The 'C' on her face is actually a device she can use to speak out of, and also serves as a marker for people to tell where her face is whenever she doesn't assume her humanoid form. But of course, she's free to move that about wherever she pleases. It should also be noted that she can freely form her body to whatever shape she wants, but her decision to take a woman's form and take up a female identity was purely because the first ever person she saw was a woman, and so imitated her form. It became her standard form after that.

History: Ozone's origin was a mystery, but it was theorized that she was a byproduct of a supernova that had swallowed up a research center in Deep Space, but it was never confirmed. Her first ever memory was simply her floating aimlessly in deep space. Completely formless and uncoordinated. She knew nothing but the vast emptiness of space and the lights twinkling around her. She would have stayed that way had she not made contact with Rose.

By chance, the green-eyed woman passed by and decided to take the blob into her ship for study. Ozone was placed inside a glass tube, which was much more claustrophobic than the space outside. When she saw Rose, she imitated her form to near perfection, just without the varying colors and more intricate details. It was this transformation that made Rose keep the blob for further study, and gave her a name: Ozone.

Ozone continued to imitate everything Rose did, and also all the other researchers when she was moved to a much more roomier laboratory. Her consciousness developed as time went on, and after a whole year under observation, she could act like a normal human. It was clear that she absorbed information like a sponge, and this allowed her to rapidly mature. However, because she was too dangerous to be in contact with physically, they had to introduce a certain compound into her to lessen her lethality. While she could still be dangerous to the touch, they were careful not prolong any direct contact to her. Up until this time, Ozone didn't speak and only communicated through body language. When she got too close to Rose's communicator, a strange buzzing was emitted from the speaker.

Rose had an idea and had a microphone and a speaker brought in and had Ozone stand next to them. She told her to try and say something by imitating her words. It took a long time to train her, but it paid off as Ozone devised a way to make use of her energy-based body to create pulses in the devices to create sound. Satisfied with the result, Rose went to work on a personalize communication device for Ozone, which was the metallic C she now wears.

Rose created a suit for her so no one got hurt when they accidentally bump into her. It was made to look like casual clothes, but it did its job. Ozone had to adjust to the new restrictive clothing, but she got used to it quickly. During her free time, Rose would take Ozone out of the labs so she could become used to other people and become more social. But not everything never goes to plan. One day, Rose was targeted by assassins, and she had no choice to fight back. Ozone was confused, but when Rose got injured and their attackers closed in, she took Rose's gun and opened fired. Her first few shots were complete blunders, but she learned quickly how to use the weapon.

She saw Rose and the others training a number of times before, and she simply imitated their stances and actions until she got a feel for it. After that attack, Ozone asked Rose to train her. She didn't know it, but Rose was hesitant because Ozone was far too impressionable as she was, and could become a threat later on, not to mention that they didn't know what the stress of training and combat could do to someone like Ozone, but in the end Rose accepted and took it upon herself to train her in everything she needed to know. But only because the only alternative was to hand Ozone over to someone else, and Ozone didn't trust anyone as deeply as Rose, and Rose herself only knew one person she could trust to not use Ozone as just another weapon, and he was busy with his own problems.

Other Notes: Because Ozone didn't know of the concept of time when Rose found her, they made the time of her discovery as her birth day, as it was also the time she first took a different form.
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Re: Ozone

Post by Eno Vale on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:57 pm



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