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Post by Alphi on Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:52 pm

Female | January 1 | 16 years | Somebody | 162cm | 50kgs

Light | Illusion | Fire | Plant


When with her sister, Alphi has an outgoing and energetic personality, eager to discover new things and have adventures while also encouraging her sister, who is often more reluctant with those things. Alphi can be a bit blunt and have a sharp tongue when talking to people, saying what's on her mind and quickly jumping to insults, though lighthearted in nature. When not with Omei, Alphi's personality is more muted. She will be far less energetic and not outgoing whatsoever, though she will try to act like her usual self. She tends to be more pessimistic and cynical in nature, her words more biting and cruel in their tone. While Alphi may seem like the twin who leads the other and is more independent, she is actually very reliant on Omei and finds herself in despair when her presence is absent. It also because of this that Alphi has no interest in making new bonds with other people, and the only other person she trusts and is fond of is Marigold (though that doesn't mean that she goes out of her way to avoid making friends). Despite her sometimes negative disposition, Alphi doesn't get angry easily and can trust people easily, with both cases involving how her sister (or somebody she cares about deeply). She is quick to forgive if she feels they have redeemed themselves.


Two identical twins that were abandoned shortly after their birth. They were found in the slums of the Imperial City in the Land of Dragons. A once mother found them and took them in out of pity and grief, as she had recently lost a child of her own to illness. She raised the two like her own, though as they lived in the slums, they had a rough life, often having to scavenge for food or go hungry for the night. They learned to fight, for self-defense against bandits and other unruly figures. Surprisingly, they had a natural talent for it, quickly able to taken a grown man, despite their age and size.

One day, four years after they were found, their adopted mother succumbed to an illness as well and passed away, leaving the girls orphaned once more. However, with the knowledge and skills they acquired, they were able to survive on their own. They continued to live on, and while their stomachs were never quite full throughout the day, they were content with each other's company.

Seven years after they were found, the twins decided to travel to a nearby village, as they heard rumors that there were better opportunities for jobs and food, as the land was rich with crops and animals. With as much supplies they could manage to scrap together, they embarked on their journey. However, they faced new troubles. Along the way, they ran into strange creatures oozing a sinister darkness. Mere physical hits didn't take them down like normal people and the twins found themselves cornered.

Alphi put herself between the demons and her sister, motivated by the storng desire to protect her as well as to not leave her alone by sacrificing herself. Feeling a power from within, Alphi released it, setting fire to the area around them and destroying the beasts. Alphi was overjoyed and the sisters continued their journey. When they arrived at the village, they were met with suspicion and hostility, much to their bewilderment, and were chased out.
They eventually found an abandoned cabin not far from the village, within a neighboring forest. The two, though a bit shaken, were not lost with a purpose. They decided to stay there, get food from the wildlife in the forest during the day and steal other supplies from the village at night. For a few weeks, they lived peacefully. They tried to fix up the cabin as much as they could from the inside without arousing suspicion, and they were able to sleep at night with full bellies.

One night, when Alphi was sneaking into the village to get more supplies, she was ambushed by a villager and was severely injured. She ran back to her cabin, but the attacker followed her, continuing to attack her until she lost consciousness. In the morning, when Alphi awoke, found out what happened and was overjoyed to find out that her sister had found her own power. The two took the body and buried it in the forest, beneath the snow. Expecting more villagers to follow, they packed what little things they had and set out to find someplace new. They passed the village only to be shocked to find that it was covered in snow, the villagers buried beneath. The Avalanche seemingly caused by Omei’s scream from the night before.
The twins explored the snowy remains to see if there were any survivors. To their surprise, there was a woman wandering about as well. She was not from around there but was just passing by. She tells the twins that the villagers had a prophecy that when two girls showed up with eyes of fire and ice, identical in appearance, the village would meet its demise, explaining the original hostility. The woman, intrigued by the twins and showing sympathy, offered to take them in if they promised to serve her. The twins, with nowhere else to go, agreed. Her name was Marigold Darkson.

The twins were taken to a mansion and were offered a few jobs that they could do by Marigold. After deliberating, the two chose the option of being maids and simply helping out around the mansion. Marigold agreed and set them up with their uniforms, rooms, and rules. They had to be trained, as they never had the time or resources to have the luxury of maintaining a house. They caught on quickly.

Marigold offered training services as well, to hone their fighting and magical skills. Omei quickly agreed though Alphi declined, much to Omei's surprised. When Omei asked her why, she declined to answer and shrugged it off.

In truth, after the brutal attack, although Alphi made it out alive and well, she had nightmares about it. Whenever she saw a blade or tried using magic, she froze and had panic attacks. It was the reason why she wanted to stay in and clean. She tried to hide this, even from Omei.

Years passed and twelve years since they were found, the twins were content and comfortable where they were. They became familiar with their duties and even enjoyed them. They developed unwavering loyalty towards Marigold and her family for their kindness. For the first time in their lives, they were happy.

However, Alphi still woke up night in a cold sweat, still haunted by her trauma. One night, Omei came to her and revealed that she had know about the nightmares and panic attacks since the very beginning. She had been training in secret to learn magic that would help her sister get past it. Omei, initially hesitant but tired, agreed to her help.

Omei cast the spelling, using Moon magic, but something went wrong. It rebounded on Omei, causing her to fall unconscious. Terrified, Alphi ran and retrieved Marigold, who explained that Omei's spell failed and scattered her mind, putting her in a comatose state. Her mind would slowly repair itself, but it could take several years to do so. Marigold could repair it herself, but it would likely end in Omei no longer retaining her original personality upon waking up. A third option, Marigold explained, would for somebody who knows Omei extremely well and has shared many of their memories could go and piece together her mind themselves. Doing so, however, would result in her having to relive memories and possibly lose herself and her identity, also becoming comatose herself. Alphi instantly agreed and Marigold performed a spell that allowed Alphi to access Omei's mind.

Alphi had to relieve Omei's memories, using their shared memories to connect them, piecing them together chronologically, while also listening to Omei's thoughts during the events. She skipped through minor memories, only shifting through the major ones. A few times, she forgot where she was and was near believing herself to be Omei instead, but managed to pull through.

She reached the memories of when they traveled to the village, her once joy of discovering magic and the horror of being attacked, something she still dealt with. She heard Omei's thoughts during this, her resentment and feelings of uselessness.

Then, the memories shifted to living with Marigold. Omei noticing how scared Alphi really was, watching her toss and turn and cry out in her sleep because of her nightmares. Feeling guilty still because of her resentment, Omei trained tirelessly every night with Marigold to learn Moon magic, so she could help Alphi recover.

And there she was, that night, the night she was still in. The excitement Omei felt when she knew she could help her sister, and how it increased tenfold when she agreed. The fear when she felt something go wrong during it and the immediate reaction of curving it towards herself, so her sister wouldn't have to suffer more from it. Then, it was over.

Alphi woke up. Omei woke up. They embraced and sobbed and emotions were had. Alphi revealed that she wasn't just traumatized by the attack. During that bloody night, she realized she had a deep fear of being separated from her sister. She didn't want to die because she didn't want to leave Omei all alone, and through that, she didn't want to take any chances. But she realized that by being cowardly, she had placed a burden on Omei, making her suffer as well. Though she wasn't instantly better, she ready to recover.

Sixteen year since they were found, Alphi started training with Omei to learn how to fight and use magic more. She took steps to recovering, and the nightmares all but disappeared, only affecting her on the more stressful nights. Of course, she retained her aversion to blades and gained a slight fear of blood, but otherwise is back to her old self, happier than ever.


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Re: Alphi

Post by Alphi on Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:34 pm


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Re: Alphi

Post by Eno Vale on Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:39 pm



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Re: Alphi

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