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Schwartz, the Angry Mother.

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Schwartz, the Angry Mother.

Post by Schwartz on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:31 am

Name: Schwartz Darkson
Age: 46
Species: Elf/Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Time
3.) Plant
4.) Lightning

Personality: Schwartz has a short fuse, for lack of better words. While she has grown quite patient over the last 20 years, it only works with some people. That could simply stem from the fact that she's a dedicated mother and wife, who would do anything for her family, even if it meant killing in cold-blood. While she no longer participates in such murderous missions, Schwartz keeps in shape and is still miffed on the inside, that she hasn't the body of a true, matured woman. Making fun of her size still warrants a series of knives in ones' body.
Appearance: Schwartz stands at 5'0" and has a C-cup bust. She has tanned skin and unique, all-black eyes. Her hair is a pale-blue in color and she wears it in a pony tail, with several strands that frame her face. The woman's facial features are flawless, free of any blemishes and are naturally smooth to the touch and with her hair out of her face, her pointed ears are easier seen. Schwartz's frame is slender and lithe, which is kept lean in order to be agile and speedy. Clothing wise, she sports a light-blue tank-top, light blue shorts and a pair of brown sandals. Her wedding ring is never seen off of her left ring finger.

History: Schwartz was a young girl, when Alexander and Elizabeth Darkson found her naked and beaten body, on the side of a road. The husband and wife took the young girl into their home and introduced her to their eldest daughter, Marigold Darkson. At first, Schwartz remained silent and stoic whenever she was around people and didn't much care for Marigold. She had a one-sided rivalry with the young girl, who didn't give the rivalry the time of day, because of the fact she was naturally better than the young Schwartz in the first place. Schwartz didn't dare allow herself to be useless in the eyes of the Darkson family and wanted nothing more than to defeat Marigold in everything she could do. She begged Mari's family to train her in the heart of assassination and they did so without any second thoughts. Schwartz nor Marigold hadn't seen each other since Schwartz's training began.

After some years, Schwartz came to realize that she wouldn't be on par with Marigold. There was a moment where the young woman humbled herself and she personally went to apologize to Marigold, for being pathetic and nuisance. Instead of getting forgiveness, however, Marigold accosted the woman for being so broken before her. Mari had always watched Schwartz since she first started living with them, watched through her training and until that moment. She offered Schwartz her hand and declared that from then on, she'd be the left hand that dealt out death, while she worked with her right hand that dealt out domination. Since then, Schwartz became the personal assassin of Marigold and worked alongside Ysl'Dae. This triumvirate would soon travel to the new world of Radiant Garden, where they would attempt to sow the seeds of Darkson rule into the people.

Their journey to the new universe that they aimed to conquer, had instead served as a cure for the curse which afflicted Marigold. Because of this, the queen at the time had regained her true self and rather than rule everything with an iron fist, she decided to aid in bringing order to it. This cure wouldn’t have been realized, however, if it wasn’t for her annoying, yet fortunate encounter with a young, blonde male.

Veara was his name and the two met during a raid from a cult of dragon worshipers, who had attempted to trash Traverse Town. The two of them fought off the creatures and Veara, who had became infatuated with the kunoichi due to her abilities on the battlefield, had started to speak more and more to her. At first, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him, but deep down the bitterness which she harbored towards the feeling of love, had melted away. His quirky attitude and good nature made her see the world beyond war and conquest. Schwartz saw peace and happiness with the young man. Despite this, though, their eventual get together was anything but peaceful.

Regardless, the two would come to marry one another and eventually, Schwartz reared several children with Veara. 20 years had passed since she had put down her blades in the name of her former queen, Marigold and had instead, lived the simple life of being a wife and mother. She enjoyed those years and due to her constant being around her husband, she became buffered to the stupidity that was his logic.

Other Notes: Schwartz always has a mean case of the munchies and a rather huge sweet-tooth. She doesn't like to share anything she ever eats and becomes extremely angry when her food is taken without consent.


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Re: Schwartz, the Angry Mother.

Post by Veara on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:38 am


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