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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:10 pm


Exactly what it says on the tin. This stat makes your character stronger. They hit harder, carry more, and push greater loads.

Strength Tiers:
Tier Zero: Either you are a child, or your muscles have otherwise atrophied. You can't even lift a sword, let alone fight with one. Your attacks are weak to the point that they are ineffective against people whose END would only be Tier One.
Tier One: You're not incredibly strong, but that's not calling you weak. You hit as hard as any other normal human might. You can carry a one-hand sword in each hand, or a two-handed sword in two hands, but anything larger than a bastard sword proves unwieldy. You can lift, if straining, almost one-hundred pounds up over your head. You can punch a hole through a plaster wall.
Tier Two: You can now use two handed-swords with the same ease as a one-handed weapon, and you can hold in both hands a weapon as large as a buster sword. You are capable of holding over a few-hundred pounds easily above your head. If you punched a brick wall with your hand, the brick would visibly crack although it would not give.
Tier Three: You can wield buster-sword sized weapons in one hand and with hardly any encumbrance. You can hold over a ton above your head with some effort. If you punched a brick wall with your hand you'd crush it, and are capable of easily denting solid steel.
Tier Four: You can wield weapons of any logical size with no issue. They can hold tons above their head, and fight off massive foes with your bare hands. In a typical instance, they punch through solid steel.
Tier Five: They've surpassed even Demigods. This character is capable of lifting upwards of dozens of tons. It is nigh impossible to withstand this character's physical onslaught.


A character's endurance determines how much abuse they can take. This is in regards to both physical and magical damage. This also means that damage is consistent. A character with T1 stats who deals moderate damage to somebody who has T2 stats also deals moderate damage to somebody with T5 stats. A person with T5 stats can take a lot more hits than a T2 can, however. This means it is literally impossible to instantly kill any individual due to damage output.

Endurance Tiers:
Tier Zero: Your character is very frail, and a single, good hit from just about anything will immediately KO you.
Tier One: Your character can take a fairly significant amount of punishment. Even sharp blades and blunt objects cut and bruise them, but hacking them to pieces or beating them to death takes considerable time and effort. They can jump off of moderate-sized buildings and be totally fine. They can be thrown though a building and live, though they may wish that they had died instead.
Tier Two: Your character has further increased the amount of damage they can sustain. Sharp blades still cut them, blunt weapons still bruise them, but the effort it takes with which to do so has increased. They can jump off of large buildings and be fine when they land. They can be knocked through a steel wall or have a moderately sized building collapse on top of them and stay in one piece.
Tier Three: Your character can take a severe amount of punishment and live. The amount of effort it takes to injure them has increased remarkably. They can be thrown through buildings and survive, as well as having a large building fall on top of them and emerging messed up, but otherwise alive. They can leap off of Memory's Skyscraper and be unscathed.
Tier Four: Your character can tank ridiculous amounts of damage. Large Explosions and tons of rubble may slow them down, but not stop them. They can sustain an extraordinary amount of abuse.
Tier Five: The character is outright relentless. The amount of abuse they can take is unreal and virtually unrivaled. They can take nearly any physical force applied against them.

Magical Prowess

Nobody in Kingdom Hearts just "knows" magic. It's a complicated art, rife with study and dedication. The advancement here represents a person's skill with their spells, such as complexity or cost.

Magical Prowess Tiers:
Tier Zero: The character has no magical knowledge or talent whatsoever.
Tier One: The character has no extra bonuses in regards to their execution of magic. They are capable of using level one magic, such as fire, and self-casting a handful of buffs. In general, each spell can do one thing.
Tier Two: The character has improved their skill with the art of magic, and it shows. They're capable of using level two magic, such as Fira, and can now spread their ability to cast buffs onto their allies. This brings with it the ability to cast debuffs. In addition, MP reserves increase by +20. Each spell is capable of having two effects.
Tier Three: The character has bettered themselves even more with magic. They can now cast level three spells, such as Firaga. In addition, MP reserves increase by an additional +40, for a total of +60. Each spell can have three effects.
Tier Four: The character has elevated their power to utter mastery and can now use the almighty level four spells, such as Firaza. The character can now detect the magical power and potential of others who have magical talent. As a result, they can discern the amount of MP an individual has remaining. In addition, they gain an additional +60 MP, for a total of +120. Each spell can now have four effects.
Tier Five: The character's magical talent is beyond compare. They can use spells beyond level four, and can not only discern magical talent of individuals but can understand the composition of spells they use and the enchantments upon various magical items. This means they can understand the MP cost, the cooldown, and the general effects of any ability they see used once. They gain and additional +80 MP, for a total of +200. Each spell can now have five or more effects.


Beyond mere crafting, Synthesis allows a person to develop powerful and potent items. They dedicate almost as much time to their craft as a mage to magic. They can even infuse special, supernatural abilities into their items when they are trained to a certain extent. These abilities take up charges, depending on the strength and type. Passive abilities takes up charges permanently and resemble skills while active abilities only use up charges when activated. Charges regenerate on a fix rate, rather than based on when a charge is used.

Synth Tiers:
Tier Zero: The character is incapable of creating or repairing a Synthesis Item. If a Weapon would have abilities requiring charges to utilize, this individual could not use them.
Tier One: A person is capable of creating items of a standard quality for their character tier. These weapons reflect that you as an individual still have much to learn about synthesis. At this tier, you have two charges for your items to infuse with abilities. It takes 10 posts until your charges are replenished.
Tier Two: A person is capable of creating or upgrading items to a quality that is above average quality for a character of their tier. They have three charges to use for abilities. At this tier, they can also discern the quality of all weapons on sight. It takes 9 posts until your charges are replenished.
Tier Three: A person is capable of creating or upgrading items to a quality that is much greater quality for a character of their tier. They have four charges to use for abilities. At this tier, they can also determine whether or not a weapon is enchanted, but not to the extent. It takes 8 posts until your charges are replenished.
Tier Four: A person is capable of creating or upgrading items to a quality that is a far superior quality for a character of their tier. At this tier, they can now infuse four spells or buffs of any power into the item. They have five charges to use any of those spells. At this tier, they can identify how many spells are infused into a weapon. It takes 7 posts until your charges are replenished.
Tier Five: A person is capable of creating or upgrading items to a quality that is a far superior quality for a character of their tier. They have six charges to use for abilities. At this tier, the weapons a person makes are capable of withstanding most magic that doesn't specifically destroy weapons, like rust (as an example). It takes 6 posts until your charges are replenished.


An effective way to control a battlefield is speed. With fast reaction times the ability to move quicker than the opposition, characters can flank or rush foes before they react.

Speed Tiers:
Tier Zero: Something must be wrong, because your legs are pretty untrained. You run at best as fast as you walk, and you'll find that holding and wearing anything weighing more than a couple dozen pounds will cause you to collapse.
Tier One: You move at the normal speed a person might, not exceptionally trained in running nor terribly skilled in sprinting. At your best, you run about twenty miles per hour. You react to most things in about half a second, and as long as nothing is faster than that you'll usually be able to avoid the worst of it.
Tier Two: You're at the peak of human fitness- beyond what is typical, at the peak of what is normal. You can hit thirty miles per hour in a dead run, and react to most things in about a third of a second.
Tier Three: You have inhuman amounts of speed. You can hit forty-five miles an hour at top speed, and can react to stimuli within a tenth of a second.
Tier Four: You've gone above and beyond a mere human. You can run at seventy miles per hour, and react to stimuli at the moment it happens.
Tier Five: You've moved into realms never before explore. You can run one-hundred-five miles per hour, and are now capable of reading opponent's muscles. Unless they are using magic, you can know almost exactly what they'll do and be able to react a moment before it happens.


Some characters prefer maneuverability to strength or speed. Characters with agility have better accuracy at distance and better finesse with their weaponry. They can flip and jump around the battlefield quickly and with ease.

Agility Tiers:
Tier Zero: You're quite stiff, almost as though you're riddled with arthritis. You stumble about more often than not, and you hitting a target is an act of pure luck. If you were to start running, it would actually mean that tripped over yourself first, and took an extra second before you'd actually get going.
Tier One: You are about as flexible as the average human. You won't be putting your leg behind your head anytime soon, and in terms of hitting a bulls-eye you'll find that it's more rare an occurrence than you'd like. You're skill with your sword isn't exactly lacking, but it could do with more precision. It takes you four seconds or so to hit your top speed. In terms of movement, you could do with more coordination: you won't be sticking any incredible landings anytime soon (you can only stick a fall from about the height of a moderately tall building's crown to the ground below), and while you can climb you do it pretty slowly.
Tier Two: You're getting better at using your body as a tool. You've gotten about as flexible as an acrobat or Yoga guru, and you've gotten much better at hitting your mark. When you fire, if you don't hit your target then it must have been moving. you can more precisely control where you're striking. When you hack with your sword, It takes you three seconds to hit your top speed. You're pretty coordinated: you can jump off of the top of a tall building and stick the landing as though you'd walked down the stairs. You're mobile enough that it's considered basic parkour when you traverse your environment, and you are able to climb almost as fast as you can walk.
Tier Three: You've all but mastered your human form. You can contort in some pretty irregular ways, and it actually affects your durability somewhat: it takes more for an enemy to dislocate your bones or snap your joints than it would another of you same durability tier. It's a rare occurrence for you to miss firing with your ranged weapons. When you strike with your sword, you swing with such precision that you could cut a falling hair. When you move, it's poetry in motion. It takes you only two seconds to reach top speed. You can leap off of a massive building and land standing with pin-point accuracy. You climb as fast as you can run.
Tier Four: Your body is a flexible beast, able to contort in ways that would kill another. Missing with your weapon is miracle, period. It only takes you a second to reach full speed and when you do, you move through your environment, it's almost as if you're one with it. You could fall from a moving gummi-ship and still hit your mark, exactly where you needed to land without stumbling. You now are capable of running up walls.
Tier Five: Describing your flexibility is a useless endeavor. No words exist to accurately convey how unrealistically versatile you are in your movements. You hit top speed instantly, and when you move it's a blur of momentum and movement that none have ever seen. You're accurate enough to strike a moving gummi-ship in the atmosphere from within a ravine with no trouble. You not only run up walls, but can now run along walls of any slant in any direction- as long as you keep running, you stay vertical or diagonal.
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