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Resurrection & Immortality Empty Resurrection & Immortality

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:22 pm

So as is the case will all sites of this nature, characters will die. A lot. When you cross paths with somebody who vehemently wants you dead, and they are strong enough to do so, expecting survival is foolish and expecting help is pointless. While a person who loses their heart will become a Heartless and a Nobody, a person who dies goes to the Underworld of Olympus Coliseum, the afterlife of Kingdom Hearts. When you die, you do not take your possessions with you. Whatever items you had on you at the time are lost, and you will need to go collect them. This does not extend to items that you can summon.

An Underlord regulates the souls of the deceased, as well as determines how to come back from the dead. This information should be found in the Underworld. If it is not present but the rules of a previous Underlord are there, those prior rules will still be valid. If there are no rules at all, then there will be other methods, as defined by below.

There are three options to leave the Underworld if there is no Underlord: the first is a trade. A life for a life, and it has to be a truly willing trade. Meaning a close friend of the dead must die and in exchange, the other will be brought to life. This will be reviewed by staff on a case by case basis to determine how acceptable each trade is. If a person made an alternate just to get their favorite character out of the underworld, the attempt will be rendered non-canon and ultimately denied.

The second option is an Escape. The character must post a topic in which they escape from the underworld. This topic may have widely varied content, from fighting one's way out to deceiving those around them, but as this is an escape target that must be the focus. The dead do not take kindly to runaways. Game Master will review the topic after it has been posted and determine it's canonical standing. An overview will be given if the topic fails to impress that details ways it could be improved. And of course, failure means you will not escape this time.

The third option is a Rescue. A group of intrepid adventurers may attempt to penetrate the heart of the Underworld and retrieve their fallen comrade. This topic may be undertaken in a variety of ways, but similar to the above the focus is on the rescue. The dead do not take kindly to intruders. Game Master will review the topic after it has been posted and determine it's canonical standing. An overview will be given if the topic fails to impress that details ways to improve it. And of course, failure means that the rescue either failed or never happened.

If the second or third option succeed, the character becomes Immortal.

Immortality does not mean invulnerability, nor does it mean undefeatable. It simply means you are unable to die (primarily because you are still dead). You can be chopped up, blown to bits, mangled or atomized. But, an undetermined length of time later you will reform nearby where you died, though usually never within the same topic (barring large lengths of time passing). Whatever traces of your body there were will be gone. Just because you are immortal does not mean your items are, though. You will not reform with your clothing, weapons, or armor. Any items that were on you at the point of death will be where you died, or wherever they had been taken.

In the case that the current Underlord does not allow people to come back under any circumstances, or you do not wish to go through with the methods provided by the Underlord, there is another option. It follows the same guidelines as Rescue, however with a few additional stipulations. You will need to defeat the current Underlord. You must have a mortal body to return to. If yours no longer exists, then you must find another body that is void of a soul, i.e. finding a dead body and putting the soul into it. If this is done, then they must assume the skills, stats (excluding Magic and Synthesis), summons, elements, and synthesis items of the person. They can use their original spells, but they will ultimately work different based on their new elements. Artificial bodies can be created, however their stats will be reset to T1 (except for Magic and Synthesis).
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