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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Synthesis Empty Synthesis

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:25 pm

You are able to create weapons, armor, and other items at your leisure. The intricacy and power of your creations depend on your character tier. The higher it is, the more you'll be able to do with items in terms of effectiveness and abilities. It is noteworthy that you are able to use higher tier items if somebody of a higher tier gifts one to you.

An item is inherently better quality based on the individual's character tier. A Tier One sword, for instance, is not as sharp and refined as a Tier Five Sword. Character Tier accounts for quality of craft and materials. The Tier Five sword is markedly more durable, able to take severe amounts of weight and strain. For example, a Tier Five Shield or Armor Piece could withstand a direct hit from an individual with Tier Five Strength. While this doesn't mean that a Tier Five Sword will slice right through a character with Tier One Endurance, it does mean that it's craft is superior and in all relevant situations versus items of lower quality, which would determine the status of said items.

This does not grant them immunity to magic abilities. Only specially made metal wouldn't conduct, as would only specially made metal not rust. These materials are available to all tiers, but never in combination. In addition, all metals with exception to Orichalcum, which is reserved for Keyblades, Keyblade Armors and event items only, are subject to metal manipulation. Orichalcum is in and of itself, not susceptible to destruction, rust, and only conducts magical lightning instead of both forms. It can not melt or otherwise be damaged. Due to these properties and the rarity of the material, Orichalcum is not a material available in typical synthesis.

There are two types of abilities a synth can have: active and passive. Active resemble spells while passive resemble skills. They are inherently weaker than both abilities and skills, due to diversity in capabilities.The idea is to draw distinctive lines between skills, synths, and spells. Skills are stronger but less direct than spells, while synths have the benefits of both skills and spells but are weaker than both.

  • Synthesis can take both properties of Skills and Spells. This is because Synthesis weapons and other items can be broken.
  • A synth has charges that designate how many abilities it can have or how many it can use at a time. Passive abilities permanently take up a charge, or charges depending on how powerful it is, while active abilities only take up a charge when activated.
  • Charges, if not occupied by a passive ability, recharge after x amount of posts (the same as MP except based on Synth Tier). Unlike MP, which requires all of it to be drained before recharging, a synth recharges regardless of how many charges are left.
  • A user starts with two charges per synth at Synth T1 and gains one with each tier increase, having six in total by T5.
  • More powerful abilities will require multiple charges.
  • A single charge can be converted into 25MP. This stays the same regardless of which tier your synth is and is not reflective of how powerful a synth is. (A 25MP spell does not equate to a charge)
  • A synth can offer immunities. However, these immunities will be temporary at best and be an active ability.

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