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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:26 pm

Party Members are accessory characters meant to complement your main character. They provide an array of auxiliary functions such as healing, support, defense, and offense. Party members level functionally with your character's tier, meaning a Tier 1 character can not have a Tier 3 party member. A character may only have two Party Members at a time.

The progression of stats of a party member happens differently then a regular character. Rather than increasing the tiers through stat points, a party member can raise a stat by an entire tier four times every time your main character grows character tier. However, this stops after your character tier reaches tier 3, meaning you can only have 12 tier upgrades. You are free to distribute your stats however you want, but you must keep record of them in the Party Member Stat Sheet sub-forum. For all intents and purposes, no matter how their stats are arranged, when maxed out, their character tier will be 3. In addition, once you reach tier 3, any party member you make from that point on will be able to be maxed out.

The Party Members do not get abilities, weapons, skill trees, summons, or anything else of the like approved. Instead, each party member has their own corresponding skill tree in the application, detailing their functions. A normal weapon such as a sword would already not need to be approved, but unlike Main Characters who have a wide array of vast and unique abilities all the abilities a Party Member is capable of possessing exists in the skill tree potion of the application. This includes abilities tied to item enchantments, physical anomalies, magic or martial abilities, and summons. If a Party Member is given an enchanted weapon, the weapon would still take up a item slot of whoever gave it to them.

Party Members can not have Keyblades or Drive Forms.

Party Members also do not have an MP or GP Pool. This means that most of their abilities will be entirely cooldown based. However, during the time of approval staff may ask that certain abilities have a comparative MP cost as to provide an easier way to determine the comparative function of magic spells such as Reflect and the barrier variants. It is important when questioned by staff to stress whether or not the skill they are approving is a spell or a spell-like ability. Spells are inherently more complex than spell-like abilities can be, so lower levels of both can be mistaken for one or the other.

Elemental Distribution is just like it would be for a main character. Party Members may use any primary element that exists, but have added proficiency with those on their list. They may have one advanced element, and may only have combination elements that relate to their primaries.

On their own, Party Members aren't incredibly powerful. They do their best when they have synergy with the Main Character. While making support party members is a good idea, and it may seem tempting to build a party that absolutely requires every part to function, experience may turn a different tune when you later lie dead or defeated.
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