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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Character Creation Empty Character Creation

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:38 pm

Creating a character is the first step any member must take before being able to RP. It is the easiest creation of yours to get approved, though may be the most difficult thing for you to make. When staff looks at your character, they're only checking to make sure that your character makes sense within the Mirage Hearts reality. With that in mind, you otherwise have full creative control over your character. Your character should also be made thoughtfully, as it is who you'll be using to interact with other members, and in a small way, who will represent you.

The amount of primary of elements a character can have varies on the species of the character. However, every character must have at least one element, which is their Heart Element. A Somebody can have a maximum of three primary elements (at the start), and only one of them can be an Advanced Element due to their powerful nature. You can use any of the Primal elements freely to fill the rest of your Primary elements as you see fit. A Heartless can only use three primary elements, though two of them can be Combination Elements. A Nobody can use only two elements, and can only have Nothingness as their Heart Element. Characters are also free to utilize Primal elements that are not listed under their four chosen elements, but not as skillfully or complexly. There is more details and a list of elements in the appropriate section below.

Characters must be humanoid/anthropomorphic. They can be of any species, but they must ultimately be humanoid in form. Since Mirage Hearts is a more story-based site, we can be a bit more lenient with this ruling, but it ultimately falls under special circumstances. Creating a non-humanoid character, such as a dragon or tiger, would be incompatible with the meta. If you wish to have a non-humanoid character, you can make it into a summon or through a transformation.

As mentioned previously, while creating your character and their story, make sure it makes sense. Every character application is read and examined thoroughly. If the existence of your character is impossible, or if they have a contradictory back story, they will be denied. However, if you feel as though you have solid reasoning, you are free to argue your character's legitimacy with the staff.

If you find yourself stuck or don't understand something, feel free to ask any staff member via PM, or try to catch someone in the chat box. While we may tell you 'no' sometimes, that is only to make sure things are consistent and fair. Ultimately, we are here to help you. Our job is to maintain the site and make sure that the community is able to enjoy themselves here as much as possible. We encourage you to ask questions if you have them.

You may have multiple characters, however you can only have one character for one account. You cannot have multiple characters on the same account.
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