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Lore, Pre-Timeskip Empty Lore, Pre-Timeskip

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:39 pm

The Mirage Hearts is considered an Kingdom Heart AU, or Alternate Universe. What this means is that while we are in the same universe as the Kingdom Hearts franchise, there several differences in major events where our universe is ultimately different than the original, canon KH universe. Some major events may have had a different outcome, or not have happened at all. Consequences and results may have also been different, leading to a different evolution of the universe and history. For example, perhaps Traverse Town had fallen to Darkness before Sora arrived, so it, too, fell into Darkness. This would be catastrophic, as that would mean any survivors of fallen worlds would have no place to go, and Sora would have never been able to leave Destiny Islands when it fell.

Altered Events of Importance:

  • The Keyblade War still ended with the X-Blade never truly being forged, however several things about it happened differently
  • There were less causalities, causing Keyblade wielders to be more common
  • The Keyblade Warriors of Darkness used more extreme tactics to obtain Kingdom Hearts, which led to the much earlier arrival of Heartless as well as the early creation of the End of the World, which continued to remain after the war
  • Due to the earlier appearance of Heartless, Nobodies of fallen Keyblade wielders started to appear and take part in the Keyblade War. They created the World That Never Was as they attempted to call forth their own Kingdom Hearts
  • Master Xehanort was never born. This means Ventus never had his heart split and ultimately never took sanctuary in Sora's heart
  • Master Eraqus turned Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion before mysteriously disappearing. He left before he would have taken in Aqua and Terra as pupils
  • Emblem/Artificial Heartless started to appear a few years before the current era, much earlier than their original appearance. The origins of their creation is currently unknown
  • The site takes place during the same era Birth By Sleep would have happened

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