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Heartless, Pureblood

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Heartless, Pureblood Empty Heartless, Pureblood

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:59 pm

Heartless in general all have shared traits, despite their origin. While usually mindless and monstrous in appearance, some Heartless are produced on occasion who bear an incredibly humanoid shape. In fact, they retain a human appearance and their human intelligence. These are called Pseudo-Heartless. When a Somebody succumbs to the darkness of their own volition and willingly becomes a Heartless, they retain their humanoid form. This form may be strong or weak depending on the darkness in the user's heart at the time of their submission.

Usually, players that become a Pseudo-Heartless gain no substantial benefits. If they gave up their heart for selfless reasons, they are functionally a Somebody. They don't lose any of the things they had in their previous life. Certain powerful sources of light or individuals whose Hearts have close ties to those who have become Heartless can influence Purebloods (such as shadows) to regain human shape, restoring them to their original functionality. In rare cases, characters that had fully embraced the darkness, when they become Heartless, are greatly empowered by it. This post will henceforth define benefits those characters get.

There are two main kinds of Heartless: Pureblood Heartless and Emblem Heartless.

Pureblood Heartless are esoteric beings of darkness. While they are named Heartless, this is actually a misnomer. Heartless are hearts manifesting their darkness in a physical form, but due to their emotionless behavior were dubbed Heartless. These Heartless are most commonly encountered in the Realm of Darkness or areas close to darkness. They do not have a wide variety of discovered forms, and always have eyes that are either glowing yellow or golden in coloration.

  • They can use Corridors of Darkness passively
  • They are unaffected by abilities that play off of emotions
  • They absorb Darkness damage for Health
  • They can possess inanimate objects and modify their form to suit their needs
  • Their Heart Element must be Darkness
  • They can track Keyblades across all worlds passively
  • When in areas of darkness, they gain a severe power increase
  • All of their spells are augmented with Darkness passively
  • Unless destroyed by a Keyblade, Heartless revive as though they have immortality (but will always resurrect in an area close to the Darkness).
  • When a character becomes a Pureblood heartless, it retains the original being's character tier, stat points, and applicable items such as their synthesis. They will not retain World Chosen status.
  • They must choose one less element than normal, but one of the elements they can choose may be a Combination element without any prerequisites.
  • Pureblood Heartless can control all other Heartless as though they are effectively one character tier higher than their current tier.
  • They can determine a person's character tier by sensing their heart.

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