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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Elements, Heart

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Elements, Heart Empty Elements, Heart

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:05 pm

On Mirage Hearts, there are a plethora of elements available to use. A single element can be used in seemingly infinite ways, and it can be combined with other elements to produce even more. You are capable of using any element, however you can only have mastery over four, known as your primary elements. Using an element you haven't mastered will use a lot of magic and will only be simple in nature and design. Primary elements take less magic and can be used in complex ways. Advanced elements are an exception to this. You can only use one advanced element, that being whatever you pick as a primary.

Heart Elements are the alignment of the Character's heart. While this may have very little to do with what they believe or ultimately how they behave, the Heart Element of a character will automatically take up one of the four primaries a character can select.

Light: This is the element that represents order and protection. Commonly used by heroes to defend against the forces of evil and chaos. The primary ability of this element is reflection: the ability to repel all. Reflect spells are incredibly powerful and capable of returning spells and abilities many times their own power. This element can still be used offensively, though defense is it's primary focus.

Dark: This is the element that represents chaos and destruction. Commonly used by anti-heroes and villains to assault the forces of good and order. They primary ability of this element is empowerment: the ability to render all more powerful. This element gives one the ability to cast spells such as "Dark Firaga" which they would not otherwise be able to use, in addition to using the darkness to physically empower themselves as well. This can still be used defensively, though offense is it's primary focus.

Nothing: This is the element that represents peace and oblivion. The exclusive tool of Nobodies, this element is used ironically to prove one's existence. The primary ability of this element is negation: the ability to render all non-existent. This element allows an individual to directly negate any form of magic that it can overcome, or weaken it as to pervert its original power and purpose. This element is versatile and lacks a primary focus.

Nothing is a type of Non-elemental magic, the other being a so far unnamed element that all casters who designate their spells N/E or N/A have access to. Nothing is a far more powerful variant of this magic though, containing within itself the inherent property of magical negation. It also contains the ability to cause the caster to become invisible and intangible. While Moon is the primary element for manipulating memories, Nothing can be used to censor the user out of the memories of others by replacing them with something that makes sense. Usually, this would prompt the individual's mind to come up with this on their own. People with the moon element are inherently immune to effects of this nature.

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