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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Elements, Primal

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Elements, Primal Empty Elements, Primal

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:07 pm

On Mirage Hearts, there are a plethora of elements available to use. A single element can be used in seemingly infinite ways, and it can be combined with other elements to produce even more. You are capable of using any element, however you can only have mastery over four, known as your primary elements. Using an element you haven't mastered will use a lot of magic and will only be simple in nature and design. Primary elements take less magic and can be used in complex ways. Advanced elements are an exception to this. You can only use one advanced element, that being whatever you pick as a primary.

Primal Elements are elements that are linked to a force of nature rather than a person's heart. They have a variety of applications and forms, though each one is unique in what it brings. Each element is also weak to and strong against another element or elements on the table.

Fire: An offensive element meant to burn and scorch foes. Also allows control of heat. Strong against Ice, Plant and Metal weak towards Water, Earth and Wind.

Ice: A versatile element meant to freeze and chill the opposition. Also allows control of cold. Strong against Plant, Thunder, Water and Metal but weak to Fire.

Thunder: A powerful offensive element primarily used to attack multiple opponents. Plant, Water, and Metal but weak to Earth.

Wind: A versatile element used to control the battlefield and manipulate things into one's favor. Strong against Fire, Ice, and Earth but weak towards Thunder.

Plant: A versatile element with great capacity to act as a support in the field that favors the creative. Strong against Earth and Water but weak against Fire, Ice, and Metal.

Metal: A versatile element with great capacity to act as both an offensive and defensive element. Strong against Earth and Plant but weak towards Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water.

Earth: A potent, defensive element, with great crowd-control and splash damage. Strong against Fire, Wind, and Thunder, but vulnerable to Water, and Plant.

Water: A versatile element with leanings towards defense and support. Strong against Fire, Earth and Metal but weak against Plant, Ice, and Thunder.

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