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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Elements, Advanced

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Elements, Advanced Empty Elements, Advanced

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:10 pm

On Mirage Hearts, there are a plethora of elements available to use. A single element can be used in seemingly infinite ways, and it can be combined with other elements to produce even more. You are capable of using any element, however you can only have mastery over four, known as your primary elements. Using an element you haven't mastered will use a lot of magic and will only be simple in nature and design. Primary elements take less magic and can be used in complex ways. Advanced elements are an exception to this. You can only use one advanced element, that being whatever you pick as a primary.

Advanced Elements aren't derived from nature so much as they are manifestations of powerful concepts and ideas. These elements have no apparent strengths or weaknesses, but their applications have extremely vast potential. Each person can only have one advanced element.

Time: A powerful element that controls aspects of time. It focuses on controlling the battlefield and opponents through stopping, slowing, or reversing their moves while hastening ones allies. It can be used to create openings for escape or attack, based on the situation. Time Magic is thus far the only element capable of casting spells that are an automatic auto-hit. It is also one of the highest cooldown types of magic. Users with a proficiency in Time are immune to Time.

Illusions: A powerful element that casts illusions.

Space: A powerful element that controls aspects of space. Characters who utilize space have the natural ability to teleport around the field.

Moon: A powerful element that embodies the esoteric aspects of the Moon. Moon passively increases the effectiveness of light, darkness, and water. Moon has no resistance to itself, instead passively detecting illusion of any strength, and not being deceived. Awareness is always the same, but the act of knowing doesn't negate the illusion or reduce its effects. Moon may be used to manipulate age, gender, blood, madness, confusion, sleep, and limited manipulation of emotional control, and the subconscious mind. Moon may be used to heal or resurrect, shapeshift, banish, transmute and induce sleep. Moon cannot be used as a method of divination or as a conduit to perform acts of spying on characters, without really having to be there (metagaming).

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