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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:20 pm

The Mirage Hearts Staff is divided into three main groups: Lore (the best one), Community, and Technical. These groups that have different responsibilities, each one crucial for keeping the site in an optimal state.

Lore Staff handles the narrative aspect of the site, which includes the site plots, in-character events, and characters. They are the ones that plan out and host any site event on the site, and will usually be the ones behind any NPCs that may be involved. However, other staff members may also be brought in the case that there is lack of necessary labor. They host any events that will take place in the actual world of Mirage Hearts, and will sometimes work in tandem with community staff. Lore Staff also moderates canon, both within Kingdom Hearts and Mirage Hearts. It is their job to make sure everything makes sense and works out in the continuity of the canon as well as the meta of the site. To further this, they approve characters, party members, and plot characters.

Community Staff is in charge of keeping good relations with the community of the site. While all of staff are friendly and can be talked to about anything in regards to the site (or just casual conversation), the Community Staff is sort of the PR and Customer Service of Mirage Hearts. They create and control any out of character event and contest. They are also in charge of things like advertising, settling disputes among members, and working with Lore Staff to host in-character events. Their duty is to reign in other staff members as well, being the mediators between staff and the community. They are less of staff and more so a representative of the community that participates in the staff.

Technical Staff makes sure the meta and mechanics of the site are not violated or abused. They approve everything that can be approve, with the exclusion of characters, party members, and plot members. They set the precedents for the different mechanics (e.g. how abilities work) and continually maintain and update them. They are the most diverse and demanding of the three main staff groups, as even within the Technical Staff, each member has their own, specialized responsibility. There are specific staff members who handle certain approvals. For example, Veara takes care of the abilities while the Game Master takes care of the skill trees.

There are also three sub-types of staff that derive from the three main groups. The Interns are staff in training. While they share the same group name, they can belong to one of the three main groups. The Night Shift Staff are people who can approve anything and are typically active during the night, when the other staff would be sleeping, and pick up the slack to make sure no approval is untouched for too long. Then there are the Consultants, who don't really belong to any group and have no particularly assigned tasks. They often do things behind the scenes that affect the site, either aesthetic or mechanical wise, and they can also handle any approval.

The three group staff is meant to keep the staff diverse and independent. It allows staff members to focus on one area and do exceptionally well. However, since Mirage Hearts is still in it's early stages of life, there is still a small community and a small amount of staff. Because of this, roles can overlap and the lines between the different groups can blur. We do plan on expanding the staff further in the near future, since the community continues to grow every day.
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