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What is Destiny? (Open)

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What is Destiny? (Open)

Post by Azmot on Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:34 am

The white-haired man tried to remember his time in the tube, but to no avail. It seems that the time before one was born is lost to those blessed with life. There were images of his father overlooking him as a fetus, patiently watching Hismls grow into an adult as the years passed on, biologically, a body without life. But that didn't really count. It made sense, though, to the chimera's dismay. No brain activity equals no memory.

Because he had no memory, he was stunned by the constant development of them. Hismls lay on the beach, the water unceremoniously rising to submerge his feet before retreating, taking the warm waters with them. Even as the air stung his wet feet with coldness and provoked chills all along his skin, the youth remained motionless, absorbing the sight of the sky and moving clouds. He even took special note of warm and cold.

This is nice.

His mind wandered to a scene of dark waters, and a familiar, rotten taste invaded his mouth. His vision began to grow darker as the mental image began to overlay with his own surroundings, and he was surrounded by an inky darkness. Clawing at the dirt, Hismls scrambled to wrest himself from this vision. After finding his footing on the loose sand, he began to run. The sense of sight was beyond him as his lungs began to feel heavy, like a balloon filling with water. Panic overtook him, and he ran faster. The fluid pumping through his body accelerated and brought on a wild pain in his temple, which fueled the fires of duress.

Just as he felt life drain from his thoughts, his vision returned and he was no longer running. When his hands had reached the stone wall before him, the painful psychic barrage ceased. To his left there was a door almost secretly designed, hidden away in a small nook of the island's inner parts. When he noticed the sound of rushing water, he almost panicked again out of fear that another vision would yank his life away.

"I'm scared of dying." The words seemed obvious, but the tone the Chimera took was almost relief, which confused him. He found the source of the sound to his right as a gentle waterfall fed a small pool that probably bled out into the ocean in some form or fashion. Hismls' eyes flittered back to the door as an ominous feeling overtook him. He shouldn't go in that door. It was not meant for him.

When the cold metal touched his hands, the chimera realized he had started opening the door out of some sort of instinct. All he knew was instinct, and his instinct where both telling him to go in and stay away. Did everyone have such internal conflict, or was that his nature?

As the door swung open, a low howl could be heard even far away on the island, an ancient wind leaving the enclosed space and re-entering a world completely new to it. When the wind was trapped inside, the world was stagnant, and so was it's purpose. Now, a gentle wind in a free world roam free.

As he took the first steps into the cave, his figure sank into the Darkness inside.
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