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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Profiling an Angel

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Profiling an Angel

Post by O'rya on Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:32 pm


My spec's

Toy one

Toy two

His Toy

An Angel's Abilities:
Name: No touching.

Effect: Death will morph into darkness and is able to instantaneously leave and travel a short distance. This more Will she puts into this the farther she can travel. The farther she travels long it takes however still is extremely fast even short distances are not instantaneous and will usually take a second the longer the distance the more seconds it'll take. Unable to do damage most that can be done is the equivalence of a tap.
Name: Can you feel my heart?

Effect: The user is able to control, manipulate, and expand her Darkness. She can create or change the Darkness to any shape or form, and she can solidify the darkness, to where it can take any properties of any material in the universe and  use it to defend against magical attacks. Also can be used for spells based with darkness. The speed of which she can control the Darkness reflects her physical power, plus her speed. She can manipulate Darkness through mental prowess, though the extent of control is reflective of his magical ability. She can manipulate Darkness and any weapon that has her darkness within them through physical movement, and the extent of control is dependent on her strength combined with her magical affinity. She can also turn herself completely into Darkness and take on the properties of Darkness while doing so. If attacked physically where she was stabbed or shot will simply go right through her unless magic is imbued by it. Active during the duration of a topic. Always active upon entrance to a topic. Can be deactivated at will. With this she is also able to strike elemental users when morphed with or as their element for her body is imbued with magic.
Why are you so mean?

For all damage she deals she will have an Major increase in stamina and for all damage she takes she will have an Moderate increase in damage she does. Returns to normal if she is healed.
Horseman's Disposition

When in the presence of all members of the *********** O'rya's overall strength increase, and reaction times will decrease. Allows her to morph her skills, with other skills of the members of ***********.

O'rya's body will begin to glow a vibrant color a mist forming around 15 feet of her, effects only her enemies and takes effect upon entering the mist, breathing in the mist or simply having it touch their head. For the next four posts their mind will be assaulted with a heavy amount of flashes of gruesome deaths while they'll hear constant voices screeching in their ear.

Mist last for five posts

If still in the mist on the Fifth post effect will occur once again.

Recharge of four posts

If still in the mist upon the fifth post

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