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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Mystic Scandal Skill Tree

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Mystic Scandal Skill Tree Empty Mystic Scandal Skill Tree

Post by Salem on Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:26 pm

Base Ability:
Mystic Scandal- Salem is able to channel his magical powers through various weapons, armours and items instead of through his own body. Allowing him to boost his stats and effects by a severe amount for each item currently on his person. They draw back is however without any syth  items or components on him Salem will not have access to his magic. He is also able to transform his items into other weapons, such as turning his dagger into a ring, the magical effects do not change only the physical form.

Base Ability Cool Down: N/A

Tier One
1st Skill:
Application- Salem can summon and De-summon items and weapons at will

2nd Skill:
Adaptation-  Salem's senses are heightened and well trained to become much higher the an average person his character teir

3rd Skill:
Orbs- Salem and transform himself into countless tiny orbs of light that allow him to fly and travel quickly across distances however he is still able to be harmed and effect as normal. He can maintain this form for as long as he likes and control the direction of each orb but cannot attack while in it.

4th Skill:
Enchantment- Salem is able to infuse his items with life, granting them the ability to speak, understand and gain of physical type of senses. And gives them all a small boost in effectiveness each post they remain alive. He is also able to remove or add magical effects to items temporary on the fly however they take time, one post plus one post more for the syth level of the item for him to enchanted or remove.  

5th Skill:
Unsightly- Salem is undetectable by magical or other means other then physical senses

Tier Two
1st Skill:
Loud and Proud- Whenever Salem has a silence effect applied to him he is instead still able to cast magic and gains a moderate buff to magical damage instead.

2nd Skill:
Always New-  Whenever a synthesis item of Salem become damaged, broken or destroyed he may dismiss it to have it "resummoned" two posts later fully restored.

3rd Skill:
Snake Bite- Hitting a spot on a enemies body at least twice within three posts will deal a burst of bonus damage dealing moderate damage to them base damage on his initial two attacks.  Afterwords that part of their body (such as their arm or shoulder) that he has damaged twice will be numbed, stunning it for one post.

4th Skill:
Two Faced Looker- Salem's healing abilities passively grow moderately more powerfully, after receiving healing effects by Salem the targets will also be healed again by half the initial amount for two posts. However at any point Salem can undo any healing he has done and deal damage equal to how much was healed.  

Tier Three
1st Skill:
Assassin Invocation- Damage that Salem deals also inflects a bleed effect, damaging foes overtime for three posts have the damage the have been dealt by Salem. If he damages them again then the counter is reset and they are dealt the culmination of the new attack in addition to the old one's output.

2nd Skill:
Enchanter's Law-  By placing his magic onto the world around him Salem is able to alter the environment non magical substances in a large area around him, shapes and matter into better forms to fit his situation and maintain direct control over it one post after he has Enchanted something, such as turning stone into water, air into fires or altering stone to become as hard as metal and command it to hurl itself at something. He is not able to control what he alters by will and must physical move his body in the action he wishes for it to perform or verbal command it to. He must also physical touch the substance he wishes to effect or at least have his power be able to connect to whatever it is.  

3rd Skill:
Into the Light- Each time  Salem makes an attack that hits it deals damage and applies effects as if they had hit twice. Also crippling their damage reductions and speed by a severe amount each time as well. If Salem is able to make the attack while his enemy is unaware of his location or 5 posts of the battle has passed then the effects are also boosted by another severe amount.

Max MP: 360 Max DP: 3
Character Tier: 3rd

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