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Jace Toma

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Jace Toma

Post by Jace on Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:16 pm

Name: Jace Toma
Age: 19
Species: Somebody
Primary Elements
1.) Dark

Personality: Jace is Usually a very respectful person, minus the childish attitude towards others. He gives of a aura almost of protection to the ones he is close to, and has a very nasty anger problem, though he has gotten though this and can control his anger better than when he was younger. Being which, Jace has always Preferred to fight things out than talk them out. Though he has gotten better at talking to others, he will most likely punch someone than solve it though word. Having little to no respect to the people that fight dirty, or though that fight weaker Opponents, Jace will actively stop when he knows he has gone to far. Though being stubborn since birth, Jace has become attached to one person,  and that is his "Brother" Cale Toma.

Jace Toma, Warrior, Prisoner, Lawless Vigilante. These where Jace’s charges, as he was imprisoned to fight off the Titan of Stone for the rest of his life. Wait hold on, shouldn’t we start from the beginning? Oh that is true, sorry. Lets get to the story from the beginning.

Early Years :  During Jace’s years as a small child, his parent died during a fire, and he was the only one to be rescued. Though this happened, Jace was soon adopted by a family, and he meet his new brother. Only being slightly older than him, Cale helped Jace whenever possible, and the two grew close, and by the age of five for Jace, Cale was already mastering the sword, while Jace showed an affinity for magic. The two ended up learning from each other in both subjects, and soon they where a trouble some duo, even if in a fight between the two, Cale was the clear victor.

Teen age years: During his teen years, Jace insisted into the guard along side his brother, and the two where both accepted. The training was harsh but he Quickly found out that it was only beginning, and after a year of of fighting and training in the guard, Cale and Jace both ended up being accepted, being strong in both combat and tactics. The two brothers ended up complementing each other abilities. Cale was a Strong  fighter in close combat, while Jace had the Ranged magics to assist, and the supporting magic to keep Cale from harm. Though Cale was quickly becoming stronger than Jace, Jace was trying not to become jealous. Sadly this did not happen, as Jace quickly became angered at being left in his brothers shadow.

Years 15-19: During his final two years before his escape from his Prison, Jace ended up doing what no one expected from him. He attacked his own brother. The two had a fight unlike none have seen, inferno’s, lightning, Harsh Razor winds, and clashes of steel. The battle field they fought upon was Destroyed, the entire Village had been wiped out, and as the Dust cleared, Cale stood above his brother, his sword, dripping with blood, as his brother laid wounded on the ground. The few remaining people helped restrain Jace as he passed out. Later,  Jace awoke to the council of the gods, who where saddened by one of there great warrior being tainted by Evil, and sentenced him to fighting the Rock Titan, as he was casted down, he saw his brother, who was watching, holding his brothers blade, and tossed it down with him, and the blades insignia burned as it fell. After who knows how many days, weeks, Years, it has been since he saw the light of day, he just knew that the rock Titan’s strength would soon over whelm him completely, instill he heard a noise and saw a door open, to see no one out side, walking out he realized some one se this free but who?

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Re: Jace Toma

Post by Faye on Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:46 pm


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