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Isis Evita

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Isis Evita

Post by Isis Evita on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:45 pm

Name: Isis Evita
Age: 38
Species: Animus [Somebody]

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Moon
3.) Thunder
4.) Water

Personality: She is a calm and composed yet a shy and emotionally frail woman, though she tries to hide it. She dislikes confrontations, but that doesn't mean she is anywhere lacking when confronted. Though she may keep to herself around strangers, when approached, she will carry on a conversation to the best of her ability. Those people who are close to her get to see a much more open side to her. She actively chats with them, and is a less restricted in her speech. It all goes down to familiarity. She doesn't like crossing anyone, so she'll slowly gauge them first so she knows where she draws the line.


History: She was born in a village of exiles, dominated mostly by demons. She's a descendant of a once great linage of mages that fought to keep the forces of Heaven at bay. However, the reputation was tarnished when her grandfather denied to carry through with the plan of destroying an exile settlement, and instead lead his troops to defend it against his zealous brethren. Because of this, he and the rest of his followers were excommunicated from Hell.

Isis's father was one of those followers, and he paid no heed to the consequences, not when he fell in love with another exile from the gates of Heaven. Isis was born soon after settling down, and as soon as she was able to bear the weight of her armor, her skills were honed so that she could defend the settlement like her father and grandfather did. However, like Zienna, she longed to roam outside the walls, and she would have too if she wasn't so weak physically. No one else from the village wanted to go with her as she was seen as a liability.

When two outsiders arrived, which was a rare enough treat since the roads leading to settlement were usually blockaded to keep out the bandits and zealots of both Heaven and Hell, she knew this would be her only chance. Gathering up her courage, she approached the two outsiders and asked to join them. To her surprise, she was welcomed.

It wasn't long till she and Zienna formed a close bond, and the two may or may not have shared a few close moments during their travels. Whenever one of them was feeling down, the other would always come up and cheer them on. The close encounters with the dangers of living in an active war zone, where the two sides had no qualms about dispatching outcasts, strengthened their bond further; they knew neither would leave the other to die. And that was why Isis decided to continue hanging around with the succubus, even though she had moments where Isis would just have to shake her head in disappointment because of the latter's decisions.

When they left limbo, she was lured into a relationship when Zienna teased her about Lily, one of the first people they met outside their own world. A quiet girl much like herself. Both of them were put into situations that left them alone, and eventually they started to actually date, although sitting together in awkward silence while holding hands would be a much more accurate phrase to use. When Lily went to travel away from her twin sister, Isis went with her, separating from the party she had always been with.

Other Notes: (Is there anything else worth mentioning about your character?)
Isis Evita
Isis Evita

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Re: Isis Evita

Post by Faye on Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:58 am


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