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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Maria Darkson

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Maria Darkson

Post by Maria Darkson on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:00 pm

Name: Maria Sanguine Darkson
Age: 15 years-old
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Fire
3.) Electricity
4.) Metal

Personality: Maria is an innocent, childish, brutally honest young-lady, who is genuinely polite and has a gentle nature. She’s quite to frighten and is considered a scaredy-cat, but is questing to change that.
Maria's Appearance:

History: Maria is the lesser known, younger sister of Morgan Darkson, the current queen of the Darkson army. Unlike her older sister, she wasn’t conditioned to rule the crown in case of anything happening to her older sister. Rather, Marigold decided to take a semi-different route and opted to instead, coddle the girl to some degree. The mother loved her youngest child dearly and often educated her through the use of books and traveling. As per usual, Mama Mari didn’t raise no bitch and trained her in the use of magic. Maria had the aptitude to learn, which she did well, but her application of it lacked, due to her soft-heart, though, that didn’t mean anything or anyone who scared her got away with it. They’d get punched to the stars, literally.

The problem with the youngest daughter, was that she couldn’t control her powers. After her thirteenth birthday, Roy, her father had to add in a form of active fail-safe in his daughter’s nanomachines, that reacted to the situation Maria was in. Should she actually wander into the street by accident in front of a moving car, you’d be more worried about the driver at the end of everything. Thus, it can be surmised that Maria was their special little girl, only a lot more mentally capable.

Never once had she thought she lived in her older sister’s shadow and while the time they spent together was minimal at times, they got along great. Morgan constantly worries for her, though, because her sister is easily excitable and is always wanting to go places. Normally, the eldest daughter has her confined to her room, so she doesn’t accidentally punch someone through a wall or scream until the foundation turns to dust. Really, it was for her own good. Maria made the best of it nonetheless and had played with her toy dolls often, going on mock adventures with them in her imagination. Before she could grow bored of those, her father developed an android for her.

Belladonna was the name of the advanced android, outfitted with an ever learning and evolving AI, whose appearance was borrowed from one of Maria’s dolls. The young girl loved her instantly and constantly played with her. The droid was outfitted to serve as a body guard when need be and thus, the youngest daughter was permitted to be out and about more often. Marigold and Roy eventually decided that with how young and curious their youngest had become, it only made sense for her to start traveling.

Meara, Veara and Schwartz’s son, were going off on an adventure with his friends, Morgan was queen of the current regime and many other Darkson children were off seeing their goals through, so it only made sense for Maria to be in the same boat. They let her fly the nest. After being told to be careful and consistently careful of who she speaks to, they gave her a ship and waved her off.

She was more than happy to start her adventure, but where to first? Only Belladonna and Maria knew...
Maria Darkson
Maria Darkson

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Re: Maria Darkson

Post by Faye on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:36 pm


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