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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Blob-skill tree

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The Blob-skill tree Empty The Blob-skill tree

Post by Daggoth on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:55 am

Base Ability:
Gooey and I Know it- Daggoth's entire body is formed of a magical slime granting him different physics and interactions with his body then solid bodies.

1) He is able to control, morph and alter his body's shape and size as he please expend, stretch, shirk, grow etc even when afar from it at different levels and from any distance away. Every transformation instills a severe buff to whichever stat best suits the form. Strength for swords for example.
2) If a part is cut off or separate from his form unwillingly then the volume of his pieces missing will grow back and he will reform. Damage and effects however do take place as it puts strain on his magical matrix, dealing the same consequence as if he were a normal person with his END limits.  (Pieces of him that are broken off can be destroyed  normally and will not reform)
3) He is also able to change his body into any state of matter and still have complete control over himself as if nothing had change

Base Ability Cool Down: N/A

Tier One

1st Skill: Clear Body: Daggoth can Removes all negative status effects on himself. Cooldown: 5 Posts

2nd Skill: Magical substances- Daggoth and those he is connected to are able to use pieces of the Slime man as catalyses for either his or their abilities lunching them from any piece they wish with no delays of travelling.  

3rd Skill:  Hyper Growth- Daggoth can reduce his cool downs 1 post per character tier. Cannot go past 1

4th Skill:Osmosis- Daggoth is able to change any open form of water not in the control of anyone higher tier or equal tier of him within a large area around him into pieces of himself and vise versa.

5th Skill: Ecosystem- Allies can seek refuge inside Daggoth, entering him like a room, providing them nourishment with small amounts of healing each post and the ability to become undetectable through magical and physical means while inside him. Enemies can also become trapped inside him, instead being damaged by the same amount while struggling to get out of him.  

Tier Two

1st Skill:   Bio Command- Daggoth is able to control the kinetic and positional energy and the force of gravity effecting his body, allowing him to control how his body and its parts is moved at all times

2nd Skill:  Sticky Goo- Any substances that is falls off Daggoth for any reason is very adhesive, making it very difficult to remove and will enter open wounds and circle through a body or into the creaks in items and remain. Slowing them down by a moderate amount each piece that is applied to them and making it harder to remove.

3rd Skill: Piece of Me: Any broken bits of Daggoth that is gathered back up into the main body will heal the slime monster by a moderate amount of health based plus a moderate amount of the damage that was used to rip it out of him.

4th Skill:  Selective Breeding- Daggoth is immune to negative auras and/or negative effects they might have to him.

Tier Three

1st Skill:  Parasitic relationship- Any negative affects such as negative aliments or debuffs that are applied to Daggoth are also applied to his foes  or neutral parties that have pieces of himself stuck on them or poisoning them. Any of the positive effects being applied to allies or foes are also copied to Daggoth with pieces on them.  

2nd Skill: Cell Division- Pieces of Daggoth will multiply rapidly while off his main body, tripling in number and growing larger in size each time they do once per post.

3rd Skill: The Blob- Each post Daggoth's gains a severe boost to all damage reductions as well as gains a severe amount more each time he is damaged based on how hurt he was.

Tier Fourth

1st Skill: More to come- Daggoth is healed an extreme amount of damage every post and restores an extra extreme amount of the damage dealt to him in a post or the total amount of his missing health, which ever is higher. If he refuses with pieces that have fallen off him he gains an additional severe amount based on the damage used break of that piece.

2nd Skill: Unstable Matter- Any pieces of Daggoth that is attached to either objects, creatures or people deal damaged by a extreme amount every post for each piece while the substances are stuck on them/it. In addition they are dealt an extreme amount of damage they deal him to everyone else also housing a piece of Daggoth that he deems as enemies.  

Tier Five
1st Skill: Clash of The Titans- Daggoth increases his size and volume to monstrous proportions, becoming at least as big as 1000 feet tall with matching weight proportional to his size and  able to still become bigger in size then any other living and structure active creature in the topic. His effects and damage while in this super size formed are all doubled while all damage and effect he take is weakened by half.    

This form last 6 posts, any piece of him remains the in the monster size while Daggoth's main body shrinks back down to normal size. Cool down 12 posts


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