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Post by Nora on Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:17 am

Name: Nora
Age: 29
Species: Nobody

Primary Elements
1.)  Nothingness.
2.)  Ice
3.)  N/A
4.)  N/A

Personality: Nora is a very distant personality.  She has felt that she hasn't belonged anywhere since she was pushed away by the Lost Boys of Neverland.  The world around her is usually not perceived as others do, mostly because it doesn't concern her.  She is aloof by default, but is always open to interaction, if only because she is looking to attach herself from another or a group.  Nora will almost never shy away from a fight that presents itself, but will not force a fight either.  She is very defensive and will flee if overwhelmed.

Appearance: Nora is a diminutive little one, just under five feet in height.  She is very petite and pale, and with her dark, short-cropped hair she could pass for a boy with just a little work.  In recent days her hair has grown out some as she has become more reclusive.

History: Nora lost most of what was before she became a Nobody.  The shell that became Nora was abandoned in Neverland and due to her appearance she was able to initially pass off for a boy and joined the Lost Boys without issue.  Her name was not Nora; a Lost Boy named Petyr grew attached to Nora and began to call her by the name of his sister that did not join him in Neverland.  The magic of Neverland did not work on Nora's body however and she began to age. She bound herself and concealed what was happening, but in time it was clear that she was a boy no longer to those she was close to.  The Lost Boys bid her farewell and she was offered to the pirates.  They took her in, but on her first night with them, she was forced upon and she called upon her nature as a nobody and blinked out of Neverland.

While she doesn't feel lonely, she is fond of the time she spent with the Lost Boys and spent the past few years drifting through trying to recreate the closeness she experienced with them.  She hasn't succeeded.


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Re: Nora

Post by Faye on Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:22 am


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