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Annabeth Lee-Clement

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Annabeth Lee-Clement

Post by Baldamar Macgowan on Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:28 am

Name: Annabeth Lee-Clement
Age: Twenty years
Species: Somebody (Human)

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness I (Heart Element)
2.) Fire I
3.) Space I
4.) Thunder I (Low affinity, can't use to full extent.)

Personality: Annabeth was long guilty of being an unintentional bully. From a young age, she always preferred play punching matches to games of tag, for instance, and remains naturally aggressive to an extent. That said, her violent tendencies were always just her way of playing, and she never truly liked harming any of the kids she fought with. Quite frequently, what few friends she had were fortunate to be under her protection from any real bullies running about. Whenever she wasn't trying to convince someone to fight with her, Annabeth would be giving coy replies during conversation. In a way, her aggressive tendencies were only rivaled by her sass. She's made an effort to work on both in recent years. It hasn't worked very well. True to her nature, she almost never displayed any interest in crafting arts, save for an affinity for whatever books she could find on the old practice of blacksmithing. She didn't bother to learn the process, though, and instead liked to drool over the pictures of exotic swords and hammers. Glaives and halberds piqued her curiosity especially.

Appearance: Annabeth isn't quite so tall, barely standing five feet and six inches. Her brighty colored blue eyes peek out from behind rarely-cut bangs of brown hair. That same hair extends far down her back, as she would always prefer to practice fighting than cut or trim it. Thankfully, she knew to not put off washing it, as she wasn't willing for it to clump up and get in her way during her 'activities'. Her jacket is custom-made by her own hand, crafted from a number of blue threads she'd purchased from gypsies and fortune tellers, gladly soaking up the tales of how they were enchanted for things like luck or magical protection. The true value is debateable, and the piece itself isn't the most well-fitted. She can wear it, yes, but the sleeves are a small bit too long due to her lack of experience as a seamstress.
Annabeth doesn't have any proper weapons yet, instead carrying one of her own design, built by simply binding a knife to the end of a replica tree branch with tape and a number of liquid adhesives. Basically, a bunch of different-brand glues. Possesses the item ability Air Combo Negative due to its poor handling.

History: Grew up on an isolated world, Oasis Station, where the majority of people were convinced that other hospitable worlds didn't exist, due to the lack of any nearby. When rumors began circulating about the appearance of a man who claimed to have come from another world and preached about magic and hearts, her imagination did what it was best at doing- Envisioning expeditions into space and battles between wizard warriors on far-off planets with no need for the technology she indulged in. Apparently, the preacher vanished before authorities could arrest him for disrupting public space, and she was sure he must have flown back to another world!

Of course, this didn't help her already poor social life, and what few other kids who were brave enough to speak to her stopped. The only one who stayed was a thuggish character named Ima Fulmen, who entertained her rants about adventures and magic. They soon became close friends, and over the years to pass, they made half-serious preparations for the day they'd leave Oasis Station and find a villain whose plans they could foil. They even snuck away cans of food, swearing to each other that they would sneak away, take a shuttle belonging to Ima's family and begin an action-packed adventure as a tag-team of heroes.

Years passed, and they never stopped planning various aspects of preparation for the departure they wanted so badly. At one point, Ima fully inherited the shuttle, as well as the hangar it was stored in, and the both of them moved into the complex that the government no longer used, turning what was once an office building into a proper home. They both studied the shuttle, which they'd appropriately named "Venture II", and learned the ins and outs of how to pilot it. They never actually flew it, of course, as the airzones above them were still government property.

It was one night, barely after Annabeth's twentieth birthday, that she fell asleep fiddling with the Venture II's console. When she awoke, she was greeted with the sight of something new in front of the ship. Some how, a swirling void of black and purple had appeared there, almost completely obscuring the hangar doors. She woke up quickly when she realized just how unusual it was. Part of her recognized that it clearly looked like some sort of portal, and another recognized shaped leaving it near the bottom, walking out onto the floor of the hangar.

She acted with next-to-no thought at all, knowing that, if this was a portal transporting beings from another world, then it could easily do the same with the Venture II! The engines came alive, the ship lifted from its place, and she drove into the abyss with no hesitation. There was no telling if such a chance would ever come to her again! It was only when she was far inside the darkness, and it had already whisked her far from Oasis Station, that she realized that she'd made a mistake.

Even then, she was completely unaware that the portal, more precisely called a Dark Corridor, was implanting the first of countless creatures called Heartless to invade Oasis Station behind her, and that she couldn't return for him if she tried.

Character Notes: Annabeth is meant to wield weapons such as glaives, spears and halberds in addition to a number of magics, and is naturally proficient in magic while her physical strength can be lacking for the most part. I imagine that, at some point, Annabeth would begin using black magics, such as Fire, to temporarily apply elemental aspects to weapons during battle to compensate for this. I like to call this category of spells "Bonds". (Fire Bond, Blizzara Bond, etc.) These are heavily inspired by both the weapon buff spells that appear in the Dark Souls franchise of games, and the "Spell Fencer" Job class that appears in Bravely Default. Of course, if this is deemed too unusual for the Kingdom Hearts series, I'll refrain from introducing them.
Baldamar Macgowan

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Re: Annabeth Lee-Clement

Post by Faye on Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:05 pm

Everything looks good.

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