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Mana Ater, the Truth

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Mana Ater, the Truth

Post by Mana on Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:19 am

Mana Ater

Female | August 4th | 27 years | Human | 162cm | 54kgs

Light | Illusion | Ice | Thunder

The Truth has a cold and manipulative personality, though is often hidden by an outward yet false warm and friendly personality.  She believes to see the universe as what it truly is, which is ultimately worthless, as is everything located within, even herself. Because of this, Mana has chosen to see life as a game of chess and all those living to be simple pawns she can use at her disposal. Though, despite this perspective, she doesn't know how to win the game of chess, other than to just keep moving forward.

While Mana thinks nothing more of people other than pawns for her personal use, she doesn't underestimate them. She will never show her true nature or reveal her true feelings about how she views the world, unless she meets somebody she considers to be worthy enough to be an opposing chess player, somebody like her. She is able to recognize the individual social importance somebody holds, as well as experience and power.

Because of her views, she has nobody she considers a friend, excluding her cousin, Sicarius. There is little she won't do to fulfill a desire, whether it would be to manipulate somebody or to even kill or endanger her own life. She will always put herself before others. However, that doesn't mean that she won't help others. Most often, she will help others if it also benefits her, though she also will help others if she feels it will be interesting or if she wants to see what will happen, even if it endangers her own life. She has no fear of death and knows that death is fluid. Like her rival chess player, she has a certain fascination with death and the mythology surround the phenomenon.

Mana met Shirou, and through him, Sicarius. Both were her cousins, technically. Though she did not spend much time with Shirou, she began to live with Sicarius and the two were around each other often, thus forming a strong bond. Sicarius is possibly the only person that Mana cares about, though she refuses to acknowledge it.


She lived an average life. While she wasn't exceptionally smart, she was clever. She put on a friendly and warm face for everybody around her. She wouldn't hesitate to tell a lie or do a deed to get something she wanted. She started to consider every successful desire fulfilled meant she had moved one of her chess pieces. Any failure meant the opponent moved. However, she had yet to actually consider anybody to be more than just a pawn. She had yet to find an actual opponent.

Mana started to consider herself to be the Truth, an informal title. She believed that she saw reality for what it really was. She believed she was the only one living life the way it was supposed to be lived. Not as a perpetual chess game, but as a game. Living with the realization of the pointless of everything, yet still choosing to live however she wanted to live.

She grew up. She got average grades, sometimes below average and sometimes above average. She was normal to everybody. And she graduated school and moved out of her parents house. The universe made the chess board, with the different worlds the different squares. She had to find and explore the other squares, for each square she discovered, she would find more pawns for her disposal.

She traversed a few worlds, though she didn't see anything or anybody worthy enough to even be considered a pawn. And then one day, there was a public event. A meeting of several world leaders. Before that moment, Mana only knew the minimum information about the world leaders. She had barely just started exploring, after all. The meeting revealed political strife and mass murderers. A man was accused of manipulating worlds, even orchestrating a genocide, to pursue his own needs. Of course, the man refused and even presented evidence contradicting it. But Mana was interested. She wanted to believe that the man was simply lying, that the accusations against him had been true. If they were, that meant that this man was perhaps playing the same game as the Truth. Finally, Mana may have found a worthy opponent. That man turned out to be Shirou.

They met, Mana revealing who she was and their relation and Shirou seemingly uncaring, though she was sure he was a little happy that he had family. However, Shirou eventually disappeared, leaving Mana and Sicarius, Shirou's Replica, his legacy.

Time passed, and Mana hung around Sicarius and his adopted daughter, often doing errands for them or just doing her own thing. One day, Sicarius came to her and revealed his body was dying and that they needed to seek out Shirou. They arrived at this universe.

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Re: Mana Ater, the Truth

Post by Mobutt on Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:18 pm

Good Character!

I'm no mod, so I can't approve...but c'mon, you can complete the History.

Also, Bringer of Truth sounds better than 'The Truth', FYI.

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Re: Mana Ater, the Truth

Post by Marigold Darkson on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:32 pm


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Re: Mana Ater, the Truth

Post by Sponsored content

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