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Enrique Rodriguez | The Wily Gumshoe

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Re: Enrique Rodriguez | The Wily Gumshoe

Post by Ricky? on Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:30 pm


Ricky is an 18 year old, human somebody, standing at 5' 10" (177.8 cm).

His sullied heart follows Darkness. His prodigious mind studied under Time and Fire.


Despite considering himself a man of curiosity and puzzle solving, Ricky is a drama queen. He does best when there are spectators and high stakes, the perfect ingredients for providing a show -- And boy does he love attention.

A serial socialite, he is absolutely addicted to putting his nose in business it does not belong in. People are just so fascinatingly careless and lead him down alleys he, himself, would not have deemed worth searching through. He, more often than not, finds benefit in raw, sloppy thought processes common of civilians.

While not intentionally malicious, he sees no harm in skewing morality a few degrees in his favor; stealing bread from a king is not comparable to stealing from the hungry. To clarify, he feels no obligation to follow the laws upheld by the authority of the land, but still has his own chirping, Jiminy Cricket reminding him of his humanity.


Born in Port Royal, he was a product of mixed cultures. Resulting in what he concluded was an unwanted pregnancy, his mother never held him in contempt. He spent a majority of his formative years playing in groups, while his mother worked as a maid. They did not live luxuriously, but she made sure he always had food on the table.

Noticing his natural aptitude for academics, she provided him with plenty of literature, in hopes he would lead an educated and successful future. Miss Rodriguez was proud of what she did to survive, but that did not mean she couldn't hope her son would lead a better life.

However, the call of the wild lured Ricky in. Whether it was a genetic disposition or the burden of the well-read, he became familiar in mischief and quickly grew fond of it. He began mingling with the pirates and became a sailor himself, building his own pitiful vessel to explore in.

Sooner rather than later, his mother fell ill and they could not afford for her care. Despite his haggling and persuasive nature, he could not finagle his way to her betterment. He spent the rest of her days a shut in.

Upon her burial, he went off to find his father. And to his father's dismay, he was successful. He too was a pirate. And considering their sloppy habits and Ricky's intellect, he was an easy enough man to find. This somewhat disappointed Ricky, for he had hoped he would find someone as smart as he was.

As he spoke to his father, Red Piranha, Ricky learned of his distaste for the worlds and general nihilism. His father studied in alchemy and concocted a daily remedy, which dimmed his light to a brightness the average pair of eyes could tolerate.

Crestfallen, Ricky's father gave him a Star Shard so he could see the worlds for himself. He doubted it would change anything, as his son was not as smart as he. But Ricky defiantly accepted, vowing to explore the worlds and finding value only idiots could not ascertain.

He spent the next four years learning of spell-crafting, supernatural trinkets, and mythical beasts throughout his journey of the universe.
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Re: Enrique Rodriguez | The Wily Gumshoe

Post by Faye on Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:39 pm


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