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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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(Directory) Annabeth Lee-Clement

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(Directory) Annabeth Lee-Clement

Post by Baldamar Macgowan on Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:40 am

T1, 100MP, 7/8SP


{Equipped} DAOFUL: A Dao-style glaive crafted by a professional blacksmith in Land of Dragons. This was created using the same materials any respectable military would commission weapons from, and is a decent addition to any arsenal. Has no significant magical properties, but can actually hold its own in a fight, unlike some other things Annabeth has tried to use. "It's like being legit armed for once." -Annabeth

{Broken/Discarded} KICKOFF: An embarrassment of a glaive made from binding a kitchen knife to the end of a replica tree branch with a combination of duct tape and many, many kinds of adhesive. "Gotta start somewhere, right?" -Annabeth



{Equipped} LUCKY CROSSCOAT: A handmade jacket assembled from a variety of blue threads purchased from gypsies and fortune tellers, all of which claimed they carried blessings of luck and protection. Whether any of these claims are true is still unknown, as it doesn't seem to have any effects. The sleeves are a tad too long for its owner, as well. Its only physically protective aspects lie in the metal pauldrons and the combined collar/breastplate between. "Well, it's cozy enough as-is, so..." -Annabeth



{T1} HEARTLESS AFFINITY: Annabeth forever carries the scent of darkness with her after her travels through the Lanes Between. Certain Heartless will ignore or aid her depending on the level of this ability, and special abilities will become available as it develops. Requires a higher character tier and certain in-character events to level up.



MINOR AFFINITY (HEARTLESS): Shadows and Soldiers will ignore Annabeth unless commanded otherwise by a greater power.

HEARTLESS SYNAPSE (HA): Heartless under the effect of Heartless Affinity will sometimes come to aid the user. At lower levels, affected Heartless will not attack dark-aligned opponents.

SPELL BOND: Apply any known black magic to an equipped weapon, adding an elemental aspect to physical attacks for three turns.

SEVER: A finishing attack that involves a heavy upward slash with any two-handed weapon. Can launch some enemies into the air.

PANIC BARRIER (HA): During a critical moment, the darkness will protect the user from light-based attacks up to once every five turns.

SACRIFICE (HA): Expends a Heartless under the user's command in exchange for a three-turn buff that varies depending on the Heartless used. Cannot override the command of a greater influence.



ITEMS::VENTURE CARD: Allows exclusive access aboard the Venture II, should it happen to be locked.
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