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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege

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Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege Empty Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege

Post by Lucio on Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:43 pm

Forcible Ascendancy:
The user is able to sense the forces that act upon a given entity, such as gravity, air resistance, tension, etc. As such, they have a feel for how objects interact and move and is able to adjust accordingly. However, this ability is instinctive rather than scientific in nature--the user would be unable to tell you, “Object 1 is traveling at exactly x meters per second and will make contact with Object 2 in y seconds.” This perception extends as far as the user’s vision does, with objects closer to them being clearer. Furthermore, the faster an entity moves, the “louder” it is to the user. The user is also able to manipulate the forces in their immediate area, to a certain extent. In particular, objects with the willpower to determine their own movement (such as people or other living creatures) are immune. The control the user has over these forces is directly relative to their character tier.
Base Ability Cool Down: Passive

Tier One
Light-Footed: The user travels quicker and father in the air than they can on land. They can jump slightly higher and farther than what is normal for an average, unassisted human being, and reaches that distance slightly faster than the typical speed. This skill is always activated and cannot be switched off; if the user is thrown or knocked back, they will fly farther and faster without control and may be damaged more when they crash.

Pressure: The user is able to increase the force of objects he touches to match an opposing force (this could vary from strong winds to an attack from a weapon). It should be noted that this skill in no way increases the structural integrity of the held item and, if the opposing force is strong enough, said item will still break upon contact. Furthermore, this skill does not enhance the target object’s force instantly; it builds up from its natural force. The stronger the opposing force, the longer it will take for the target’s force to match it. The user is able to match forces equal to the peak physical power of the Strength Tier the same level as the user’s Character Tier. If the user has a Character Tier of II, for example, they are able to oppose forces up to Strength T2. The user does not necessarily need to have a T2 Strength Stat themselves, but must be a Tier II Character.
[Range: Contact]
[Uses: 2 per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 6 posts - Character Tier]

Doubling Down: The mass of the user’s weapons are slightly increased upon contact with an opponent, thereby slightly increasing the damage it deals before returning to its original mass. The higher the user’s Character Tier, the higher mass of the weapon and the greater damage dealt.
[Range: Contact]
[Uses: 1 per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 8 posts - Character Tier]

Cushion: This skill slightly cushions the blow from an opposing force by having the user apply a minor amount of the same force in the same direction. The higher the user’s Character Tier, the more an opposing force is cushioned.
[Range: Contact]
[Uses: 2 per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 6 posts - Character Tier]

Rush: The user’s striking speed slightly increases; i.e., for every instance the user is able to strike at their opponent, they are able to attack an additional time.
[Duration: 1 post per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 11 posts - Character Tier]

Tier Two
Flight: Grants the user the ability to fly. The user’s top flight speed is equal to their maximum running speed as based on their Speed Stat Tier. The user is able to fly moderately higher with each Character Tier gained.

Orbit: This skill involves two targets, Target X and Target Y, either of which may be an inanimate object or a willing individual. Target X becomes the center of gravity for Target Y. Target Y then orbits around Target X at a slow velocity (or the target’s velocity upon entering orbit), speeding up moderately as time passes. The radius of this orbit is equal to whatever distance the targets were from one another at the time of this skill’s activation. Target X must be of a mass greater than or equal to that of Target Y. There can only be one Target Y at a time. When this skill’s duration runs out, Target Y’s velocity is dropped to zero and simply falls to the ground. It is possible for this skill to be interrupted if Target Y were to be knocked out of orbit.
[Range: 5 ft per Character Tier]
[Duration: 3 posts per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 8 posts - Character Tier]

Accelerate: The user is able to accelerate an object to such a speed that the target appears to have teleported. The target will continue to move until it makes contact with another entity, at which it will return to its normal velocity. Alternatively, this skill can be used to change the direction of a moving object by 90 degrees exactly. For either utilization, the size of the mass moveable is directly proportional to the user’s Character Tier. The following table approximates such:
Character TierApproximate Mass Accelerated
IIIAdult Human
IVMedium-Sized Car
VTrain Carriage
[Range: 5 ft per Character Tier]
[Uses: 3 per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 11 posts - Character Tier]

Path of Least Resistance: The area surrounding the user becomes void of friction and air resistance. As such, individuals caught within the area of effect will find themselves in conditions mimicking that of a frozen lake or an ice rink--they’ll slip and slide, and have difficulty maintaining their balance as they walk or run. Only the user remains unaffected.
[Range: 5 ft per Character Tier]
[Duration: 2 posts Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 13 - Character Tier]

Tier Three
We Can Fly: Shares the user’s <Flight> skill with other characters. Their flight speed is relative to their own Speed Stat Tier, rather than that of the user’s, as is their flight height with their Character Tier [see above]. This skill can be used on up to [4 - Character Tier] targets at a time.

Slingshot: To be used in tandem with <Orbit>. The user can prematurely release Target Y, thereby launching it at the velocity it was orbiting at.
[Uses: 4 - Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 8 - Character Tier]

Slow-Motion: All moving entities within the area of effect are severely slowed down (this includes the user). This skill only affects a sentient being’s physical speed; the rate at which their mind thinks and processes information remains the same. <Slow-Motion> affects both matter and energy, so spells and other magical attacks will be slowed down as well.
[Uses: 1]
[Cooldown: 8 - Character Tier]

Tier Fourth
Inertia: The user is unaffected by selective spells or skills that attempt to alter the forces acting upon them; e.g., their speed, their weight, etc. This includes magic that would teleport the user or lift them up without physical contact. This skill is by default active--the user must be aware of another’s spell/skill in order to allow it to affect them.

Quick React: All attacks within the area of effect are extremely slowed down, giving the user more time to react to them.
[Range: 3 feet]
[Duration: 7 posts per Character Tier]
[Cooldown: 19 posts - Character Tier]

Tier Five
A Force to Be Reckoned With: The user has mastered <Forcible Ascendancy> and can now manipulate forces affecting all entities within the area of effect. This skill can be used to control up to three objects at once, regardless of size. However, sentient beings still may not be affected against their will.

Character Tier(III)
MP(300) | GP(3)
STR Tier(3) | END Tier(3) | MAG Tier(1) | SYN Tier(1) | SPE Tier(2) | AGI Tier(4)

Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege Kenoss10

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Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege Empty Re: Forcible Ascendancy | Lucio Lege

Post by Veara on Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:03 am


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