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Post by Belladonna on Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:21 am

Name: Belladonna
Age: 2
Species: Nano Droid (Nandroid?)

Primary Elements
1.) N/A
2.) Metal
3.) Thunder

Personality: She started out as a blank AI, and her growth is still slow, so since her activation, she came off as monotonous and a little bit dull, however as she learned from her environment, she has improved upon these traits. Being in the Darkson household, she learned etiquette, manners, and politeness, and applies what she learned in order to come off as human.

She has a great memory, and can accomplish any instruction that makes sense to her with not only consistent outputs, but can, over time, become more efficient as she learns new tricks. Her artificial intelligence, if it hasn't been obvious by now, is capable of learning, much like a human, however while it is completely self-aware, it has yet to develop a sense of morality and all those deeper functions humans are capable of, but in theory if she's given enough time, she may raise to that point.

She isn't very chatty, and at the moment is only predisposed to answering questions, reply to any statements aimed at her and issue warnings.


History: Belladonna's history is a simple story of a father who wanted something that could protect his daughter, while also being a companion and not just a toy or a weapon. She was modeled after a doll that belonged to her creator's daughter. Her frame was created within a month. Time was taken to make it look like the doll she was based on, since the doll was the daughter's favorite, and the father wanted it to be as perfect as possible, while also being highly durable, yet felt like a living person. A person with substantial amount of hardware under the life-like yet synthetic features.

Her mind however was a tricky one to create, and was the reason why it took so long for her to be ready. The father wanted her artificial intelligence to be close to, if not identical to human intelligence. There were plenty of programs that achieved this, however, the father wanted something special, so he went to work. It took him years to make the AI act as organic as it does, but it was worth it. It learned like a human, understood things they way humans do, and most importantly, it was capable of curiosity, which most AI's fail to satisfactorily express.

After a few months of calibrations and extra programming, she was given to the daughter as a gift. She was loved, and though she couldn't yet understand the complexity of human emotions, she could very well appreciate what she had. She was not just a doll however. Underneath the synthetic skin lies a deadly weapon. A weapon that was programmed to keep the daughter safe from harm, even if the cost was ending its existence.

Other Notes:

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Re: Belladonna

Post by Veara on Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:02 pm


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