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Sin || The Corrupted Song

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Sin || The Corrupted Song

Post by Sin on Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:32 pm

|| Sin ||

Female | Thirty-Nine | Somebody


> Physical Appearance

> Outfit Description


Ruthless. Cold. Psychopathic. These words and more describe the murderous woman named Sin. She has no qualms with killing a person, for any reason. Even just to hear them scream. She loves to indulge in pleasures of the body and mind to no end. She loves to immerse herself in the chaos she creates. Most of all, she loves to make her family happy. In light of this, she was ‘trained’ to behave.

As she was told, Sin has adjusted herself for their new home in this new universe. Resisting the urge to slaughter those who they would have normally saved, she toned it down to be more homely. Sweet and caring, yet mischievous and suggestive. Just because she’s simmered down, doesn’t mean she has to be saintly.

Primary Elements


A rather mysterious visitor from another universe who’s here to stay, Sin is a rather mischievous woman. After an odd sort of rehabilitation to dull her… exotic ways, she turned to the arts to occupy her time. Singing, dancing, painting - and usually in the color red - she found other ways to express herself. Many other ways.


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Re: Sin || The Corrupted Song

Post by Veara on Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:53 pm


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